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Challenge: Number One Objective

Because time is a scarce resource I read DP threads that appeal to me, we all do. Appeal is created when a thread title might have some relationship to my single, highest ranking objective, which if I had to state it briefly and name just one would be:

**Help put 10 Ron Paul-type, liberty candidates in Congress by New Year's Day, 2013**

Congress has the most power to enact the change I want, as we see Ron's efforts with 1207, etc., so that's my focus. Supporting Ron for President is an educational means to that prime objective, so I do. With pen, voice, feet, wallet, websites, there are a variety of things I do in support of the #1 objective.

What is your single, highest ranking objective? ("get everyone in DC to respect the constitution" is fine, but a more measurable goal is more compelling)

You might say:
* end the Fed
* audit the Fed
* make (more legal) competing currencies
* bring troops home, how many and when
* grow the Libertarian Party, or GOP or Democrats, Constitution Party, how much and by when
* get a new investigation of 9/11
* legalize marijuana
* empower a continenal congress
* elect Ron Paul as President
* elect Rand Paul as Senator
* elect Peter Schiff as Senator
* create an alternative media outlet


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