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Educational invasion at http://www.tcunation.com/

Join the fun! I try to be patient, but nobody's perfect :)


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You've been busy over there I see :)

BTW link?

lol yeah. Just added one.

lol yeah. Just added one. You will get a little depressed reading some of the things over there. It is really scraping the bottom of the barrel of the GOP base.

Ventura 2012

Ive been reading the posts and comment sections there

Ha, you weren't kidding.Typical neocon fare. Though I did notice a few reasonable people, like Jim Robinson for instance. His comments seemed pretty level headed and rational. Is he one of us? Either way I think there's potential there for turning some people around and teaching them what real conservatism is all about. Good work!

hey, its not work, its FUN!!

hey, its not work, its FUN!! Yeah, there are few sane people there but the insanity seems to drown it out.

Ventura 2012