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Freeman-on-the-land Questions

Okay so I thought I'd give a brief talk the one I was going to give but got kicked out before I could do the presentation... the white board was set up upstairs and had at least a dozen people that wanted to hear me out. - I was actually voted in - Robert's Rules - as a consultant to the convention.

Order of the Universe:

1) God, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, the Tuna Sandwich
2) Sovereigns, The People (Upper case C - Citizens)

The reason I say "I am Law"... is because I bring force of law by my own pen. - That's what I was talking about on the other thread. It's also very cool to say to a cop (IF YOU ARE INSANE LIKE I AM) because it makes it very clear to him you're prepared to go to the wall... physically if you must (arrest under protest and duress - peacefully and non-violent - civil disobedience is ALL this is).

3) Government (All for profit corporations now - trade on D&B)
4) Corporations
5) citizens, residents, persons and slaves

Very simple. WHAT can create WHAT -> That is your order of authority. If you happen to believe the Tuna Sandwich is the Creator, that is what created the People - In our republic - the Sovereigns (we didn't want no stinking Kings so we made ourselves Kings and Queens!)

So... how can the corporation #4 have authority over... EFFECT -> the Sovereign? Not possible unless you make the Sovereign CONSENT -> By making the Sovereign believe he is NOT Sovereign!!!

A "joinder" was created at your birth... to float the National Debt. It is a trust account, which is incorporated in YOUR name. Corporate names are all capital letters. The cops name is a corporation... the judge etc. ALSO - You can be fooled by THIS when you start to play this game:

Christian E. Piccolo <- This is ALSO the fiction. This game is messed up man... and I just don't want to play. All you need to do to not play it is... KNOW how the game is played.

Questions? (Plz - Debunkers this is just for questions for those who are interested in taking this VERY dangerous plunge. You need not protect them they can make their own decisions as do I. - Thx in advance for staying off the thread - if you post your post will be ignored.)

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this post is very SteveParent-esque...

aka, ThePatriot.... is that you Steve??? Back to your old schemes, I see...

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Must be "movement skimming" season again

There's good money in scamming.

While I agree with most of your stance...

The ability to argue your case is the most important part of your case.

Also, your Order of the Universe is not law which makes the rest of what we read questionable.

A patrolman (I refuse to call them 'officers') having a bad day is more apt to taser you than argue with you. You may debate a reasonable man to a standstill...but the police are not paid to be reasonable. In the end, like the case where the pastor was tasered at the INS highway checkpoint, if they want you, they will take you.

I like the idea that you can decide the terms of the contract if an officer detains you without warrant. I'd like to know if that has ever stood in a court of law - their law.

It's tough to win when someone else makes both the rules and the decision.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

ohh wait...i think i get it now.

Your trying to sell people here at the Daily Paul into some sort of half baked pyramid scheme.

No wonder you don't make sense.

Looks like a scam to me, after checking out his website folks. I wouldn't be surprised if this kid wasn't even at the cc09 event he mentioned.


I'm tired of reading this "capital letters," "corporate entity" nonsense. Look, there's nothing wrong with being creative and researching things for yourself. But it's not part of this movement, and trying to intertwine it with the Ron Paul message is disrespectful, harmful, and distracting.

Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views...Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. - SCotUS, 1995

With all due respect;

Perhaps it's because it's so early, but I have no clue what your talking about. After reading both threads I still have no idea what point you are trying to make.

Layman's terms please. :)

With Cops - The worst thing

With Cops - The worst thing you can do is whip our your chattle tag (DL) with these guys. That creates the contract... but it's not the physical license that does the trick.

It is an "ancient system of pledging" - you consent to a contract with the officer when you give him your last name and your date of birth.

1) You do NOT have a last name. You have a family name. My lawful name is Christian-Edward. You do NOT ever give out your FAMILY name... in fact it is considered DISRESPECTFUL to ask for it. He should know (in an ancient feudal system) what family you hail from!

2) You do not know your date of birth. Whatever you say is at least second person here-say. You were a newborn baby all gooey and chit... how the heck are you gonna know which end is up let alone what time/day it is???

Here's the easy way for Me to understand it. You do what works for you. First off the cop has disrespected you by asking you for your last name - he should be asking what family you are from with ALL due respect. If he disrespects you and you allow the disrespect - you grant authority.

Date of birth - real simple... if you say it you're LYING.

Point is..

We actually live in a feudal system... so if you seriously I know you guys and gals are going to think I'm smoking something (I am - lawfully btw) but you gotta almost get out the D&D and the roll playing dice to understand this stuff.

So think like you lived back in medieval times and start reading some of that - ex compliment to the strawman/freeman-on-the-land process IMO.

So first step is BELIEVING you are King or Queen. You have to start there and then start thinking like "this doesn't makes sense... I'm the King" - next step is... okay I must have stepped in something (consented to something)... figure out what that is and you won't make that mistake again.

Get to level 14 with a battle axe and 13 spells with 142 hit points...

Why would a king spend all his time writing letters to scribes?

You guys just enjoy the court system. Oh, and charging people money to get them wrapped-up in it too.
I had a chance this weekend to dedicate another 4.5 hours to this subject (that makes close to 300 hours of study in all). It's all BS. None of these guys have ever caused a cop or public employee to lose their jobs. None of these guys has ever convinced a judge to "play fair". And none of them has ever been recognized as anything more than a kook or annoyance in court. But they can sure spin a yarn. It's all tough-talk and paperwork. But, there is one good thing (from the organizers perspective),: it keeps good patriots chasing their tails and at odds with people while making effective monitoring of their activities and possessions a snap. If they only knew that they were spending their days consumed in the EXACT same activity as thousands and thousands of people in prison are consumed in--the never-ending legal tailchase---they might not think of themselves as quite so free.
I haven't heard much from our last batch of losses on this. I'm sure they're either in jail or neck deep in paperwork by now. I wish you guys would quit marketing here.

I believe I believe

I am the king.

Well folks

we know this is just a joke. A weird joke, but not to be taken seriously.

Thanks for the creep out RPchat.net

oooh ooh oooo

me first

Please share with us your fee schedule and proof of payment from any government body that has accepted and then paid you for your fees.

Please share a copy of the check (you can white out the account numbers and personal info) Also, make sure you include the name of the city, police station, courthouse, state or whoever accepted this

Also, where did you deposit the check? If you did not use a bank, where did you cash this check?

One last one, can you share with us your proof that you are a corporation? Corporations are governened by the state of incorporation, so please share with us what state has made you a corporation, where we can look this up, and what your articles of incorporation say, due to the fact you were incorporated at birth, who filled out your articles of organization and where is this filed?

Please be as specific as possible and make sure to include where these corporations are filed and what juristiction they belong to. For example, my company: The Sniffing Out Liars Foundation, Inc. is registered with the Secretary of State in California.

Have not been paid a dime

Have not been paid a dime yet as I haven't actually billed anyone yet. Still working through the process (60 day old Sovereign) and I need to get this stuff online (videos) tonight. I have managed to get through the "Accepted For Value" method which is a bit of something to chew on:

Once you've filed a UCC 1 form (Which secures your assets)
File a Power of Attorney - Over the all capital corporate YOU.

The power of attorney basically calls the court's bluff. The court must say that the all cap name is YOU - to deny the Power of Attorney. Simple - you can't be power of attorney over yourself. You PRESENT yourself.

You do not re-present yourself - re - presenting creates the fictional copy of you. Sorry for the ADHD will read more of your comment :-)

The power of attorney also makes you the trustee of the assets, everything the strawman had in possession (most is not owned) and... the TRUST. The trust is set up for you because basically the government confiscated - which means "to take without clear lawful authority" - your great grandparents money. The trust was part of the deal for it to squeeze through the legislature (SEE HJR 192)

With trustee power - you can allocate funds (just digits it's not money) to "Accept For Value" presentments. ANYTHING a corporation sends you that says that you owe them money. - The corporation then is supposed to (just sent mine out about a week ago) CREDIT your account - and pay DOWN the National Debt... the reason the Nat Debt is skyrocketing is because we've been doing it the wrong way since 1933!


Ok, I think your should have JuluisBragg step in and answer these questions for you, you didn't really answer any of them. OK, you are a sovereign for 60 days, haven't really done the process, but are about to. Fight for your rights man. If you can answer any of the questions above, please let us know. Also, make sure to come post here when you attempt your first fee schedule, I am so excited for you and can't wait to see the results.

Also, just an FYI - a UCC does not protect all of your assets, it merely gives first position liens on commercial assets to the lienholder, it also does not apply to any real estate. I'm still not sure if you are a commercial entity. Please show me where you are registered as one.