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Peter Schiff on Fast Money 11/16/09

Schiff on Fast Money this afternoon. The hosts think Peter is no longer with them, to discover they forgot to turn off his mic as Schiff comes back to refute them!


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Peter is the Man.

They have him on this crappy show all the time, but never take him seriously.

Did the loud guy really suggest buying into China's real estate bubble? Is that what passes for sound investment advice today?

Thanks, but I think I'll stick with the precious metals this time around.

Classic Schiff

" I got to interject with some sense once in a while,"

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still laughing at the guy

still laughing at the guy who predicted our current mess... eh?

business as usual.

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ass clowns

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Ford stock is up...

Chinese demand for cars made outside the US is driving Ford stock up. May be a recovery of sorts for Wall Street but what about Main Street. How many American workers are there gathering raw materials, building assembly machines, assembling, selling and repairing automobiles? Without American labor earnings their is no one to make purchases on Main Street or to satisfy the government's insatiable and growing appetite for our incomes.

That assumes that the Ford stock prices are outrunning the dollar's deflation.

The blue pill is a blessing but a bitter pill nonetheless.

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Thanks for the post...Schiff

Thanks for the post...Schiff cracks me up!

I am proposing a new law

It is called the Schiff Law.

The harder they laugh, the less they understand, the worse things get, the more correct Peter Schiff is.

It is kind of like Murphy's Law but it applies to monetary policy, economics, ignorant media analysts and, of course, Peter Schiff being right.

Seriously they had a great big laugh this interview...that means something bad is just months away. It happens every time.

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Good call

I like it!

Thats freakin great! I

Thats freakin great! I support this law.

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All in favor of Schiff's law, say aye

no one can make an

no one can make an intelligent argument against peter schiff. this is more proof of that.

No joke!

Listen how Peter is giving proof that the Dow is actually down when you put it in terms of gold and silver, and all that one guy has to say is "Well, thats wrong, the Dow is up". What a joke!