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►Ukraine Pandemic: Current and Projected Statistical Analysis


There are many aspects to this story. It is impossible to know where to begin -- let alone cover all the pertinent facts in just one article. Those who have followed my Zerohedge columns in the past may be aware the subject of pandemic influenza has been a regular feature, precisely because there have been multiple signs indicating a global pandemic would be exploited (and perhaps even initiated) by governments and international banks for political purposes.

The signs have been building, including as I previously reported, forced quarantine orders inadvertently published by the CDC. What do these people know which the public does not?

This article is what I've been looking for. It is long but pretty thorough covering the WHO and MSM silence and outright distortion history (remember we're only talking about a time frame that started "leaking" a little before Halloween), as well as some Science and Statistical number crunching.

It's serious, suppressed and could easily bring the World economy to its knees.... IF it IS in fact 10X as fatal as "normal" flu. Take your time with this article, he's done a good job with it.

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Great video of Moshes arrest with commentary


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Plague or no?

As I stated before, "we" have no idea if there really is a plague in the Ukraine or if it's propaganda, for political or other means. There are "swine flu stocks", and the stock markets are being affected by the Ukraine situation? Hmmm! I thought this comment, posted by Anonymous, was interesting:
Here's a comment from someone who lives in Ukraine:

Man, its like some kind of Orwellian fantasy here. I live in West Ukraine, and it was crazy panic for the first week with people and the media spreading wild rumors. But then people started realizing that no one they knew had the flu or had died and everything they were hearing about death was coming from second hand or media sources.

Theres just no sick people.

I went to a big hospital on Friday for a minor injury. And it looked like a normal Ukrainian hospital.They werent over whelmed and were able to see me promptly.

Sure theres flu here, I got it last month before all this started happening. But its just normal flu.

The good thing now is that since people arent seeing dead people and no one really knows of anyone whos died. The people now think its just a political stunt for the elections in January.

I personally think its more about this countries financial situation. I believe Ukraine is real close to default and if it goes, how many Western European banks will go with it? So you see, its always good to have a flu epidemic handy when a region of the world descends into economic chaos.

On Friday Im going to check the prices on a few things that Im tracking, to see if a form of hyperinflation is setting in. All I know is that prices are going up but I cant tell if its a normal amount of inflation for this country or if it has picked up its pace.

Anyway all this said, dont worry about the swine flu. So far its just propaganda, rest assured I will be the first to put out the warning if it becomes real and people are really dieing.

Source: http://fofoa.blogspot.com/2009/11/is-dollar-good-as-tungsten...


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April 28, 2005: Senator Obama introduces the AVIAN Act (S. 969).

Read how Obama and the Dems have been laying these plans since 2005

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

completely bogus

First off, the Spanish flu deaths were not typically rapid onset cytokine storms (H5N1 is more likely) - that theory has been debunked from a detailed study of deaths. It was rather secondary lung infections, which for some reason were quite common with H1N1. In 1918 there were no antibiotics to fight this, and poor nutrition and hygiene relative to today, so many people died.

second, his projections are filled with dumb assumptions, and the reports from Ukraine do not support his projections. There are some factions trying to spread fear, funny how people here that won't buy the propaganda from the CDC will buy this BS.


Exactly WHERE is the BS coming from?
Last Friday:
The WHO publishes their all-star analysis...
“The number of severe cases do not appear to be excessive”
Are you kidding me? Please explain how 75,000 hospitalizations in two weeks is not 'excessive'? And how all the pharmacies sold out of antivirals? And how Ukraine is under de-facto martial law? And that Yushenko gave a prime-time speech more or less threatening political dissidents if they don't follow government orders? Or that school in Ukraine is canceled for three weeks? Half the country under quarantine? Hospitals seeing a surge of viral pneumonia patients? What gives? Are these people at WHO retarded or are they criminals?

Oh and of course the gem of this press release by WHO:
That “[ the numbers of severe cases ] do not represent any change in the transmission or virulence of the virus.”
Hahahaa! You are going to tell me that Ukraine went from two cases to 1.3 million cases in 14 days , and that doesn't represent any change in transmission? Is this supposed to be a joke?

He's done a good job trying to sort through the fragments and using some logic that you apparently disagree with.... that doesn't make it BS.

Good article

The figures in this article are more alarming than figures I've seen before- looks like almost one in ten of those affected wind up hospitalized. However, I didn't see a death count in this article. I'd expect an extremely high death count if this flu indeed hits the lungs first and fills them with blood.

"Criminals at WHO"....that's telling it like it is.