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New CPI numbers -- can someone explain?


New PPI numbers are out from October. They are up .3% whatever that means. It was less than expected. Are we continuing deflation or is inflation now in the pipeline.

I don't want a deflation/inflation argument here. I just want someone to break down the new numbers and tell me if there is EVIDENCE of more deflation or coming inflation.

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what the differnce its alll bullshit believe nothing

the only thing i believe is gold 1140.00 and climbing thats all you have to know as the government prints nothing but bullshit and lies.

definitely evidence of

definitely evidence of slowing inflation(and coming deflation), by traditional definitions. Austrians would say that you can have inflation even with FALLING prices, as long as the money supply is increasing. M-3 has actually been DECREASING recently, although estimates of M-3 are not official. M-2 is still increasing.

Ventura 2012

CPI numbers out Wednesday. I

CPI numbers out Wednesday. I am dying to talk about this with someone.