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Should KSM and the other "911 terrorist" be tried in civilian courts?

There is much talk about a trial for Khalid Sheik Muhamed and the other "911 terrorist" being held in New York civilian courts. I'm sure we all have opinions on this, but I would like to hear from you.

According to the law of our land, how do we treat foreign enemies (not a government/country) that commit acts of felony against our citizens? Do we treat it as "hate crime" or an act of terror? Are the only true criminals the ones that highjacked the planes and murdered or wounded our fellow citizens. How much punishment should be given to a "mastermind" verses the ones that carried out the plan?

If they were not apprehended on U.S soil and not by our military, should they have been sent to Guantanamo or regular prison. Were they illegally searched and material seized based on the law of the countries that they were apprehended?

Should they face a military tribunal? These weren't military soldiers unless the Taliban is a legit government.

I personally don't believe in taking prisoners, for this reason they may get off on a technicality and live to attack again.

What do you think?

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They should be tried by the

They should be tried by the 9/11 verified victim's family members.

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That'd be an impartial jury.

Strange that people have no faith in our justice system

and acknowledge the threat of people "getting off on technicalities"...yet when this topic comes up, hardly anyone thinks that the solution might just be to overhaul our courts and bring them up to standard so that ANYONE might be tried in them, and we might be reasonably assured that the trials will be fair.

Instead, everyone's quick to defend a new, different kind of court system that is more biased against the defendants.

Shouldn't we think twice about creating that new kind of "justice system," knowing that whatever we create for others will most likely be used against US eventually? Do we really need courts where "guilty until proven innocent" is the motto on the wall?


As it is, alot of people dont even think Al Quaida is real, and alot of people know this guy was tortured. Anything he's said is fruit from the poisoned tree. I think alot of people are afraid that when he starts talking in court, it will make the Bush regime look really bad. This court case will be a fiasco and there will be an overwhelming sense that it was handled unfairly. But even so, they have to proceed. May as well do it where the crime took place.

I think you have to go by what laws they broke.

As far as I know, hijacking is a federal crime as it deals with interstate transport/travel. Why they would (or how they could) try that in a civil court is beyond me.

Compound that by the fact that the men are foreign nationals and what you have is a 'media circus'. A kangaroo court.

My feeling is this will be a show. Perhaps a precursor to further false-flag 'terror' attacks in NY where the trials will be held. This will allow them to push forward more draconian laws and creating the perfect police state in NY.

That's my read on this.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

But he didn't actually

But he didn't actually hijack the plane and murder innocent people. Being the leader or orchestrator makes me wonder the severity of the punishment he can receive. He will say, " I did not murder or harm anyone on Sept. 11th. I wasn't in the United States at the time." When the proof has to be presented, this is where I get worried. Unfortunately, I don't have much faith in our judicial system because too many opinions are brought into judgment vs. what the law says. Just because one is an attorney, doesn't mean you have any sense and know how to suppress emotions.

This will be interesting.

"Every generation needs a new r3VOLution"- Thomas Jefferson

"Every generation needs a new r3VOLution"- Thomas Jefferson