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US Govt. ranks #19 in the world for corruption

In Iraq, corruption has become widespread since the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003 with scarcity of serious government measures against corrupted officials.

That has undermined the largest nation-building efforts with siphoning billions of dollars away from the country's struggling economy, increasing frustrations among Iraqis mainly over corruption, lingering violence and poor public services.

A Bertelsmann Foundation report used in the corruption index noted that in Iraq "non-security institutions remain weak and debilitated. The Iraqi leadership faces many structural constraints on governance, such as a massive brain drain, a high level of political division, and extreme poverty."

The United States, which was in 19th place compared with 18th last year, remained stable despite Transparency's concerns over a lack of government oversight of the financial sector.


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I WISH it were REALLY #19

If the criteria were different, if governments were judged by their tyranny, lying, and meddling in other countries, and the number of innocent people they kill all the time...who could take the blue ribbon but the USA right now?