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NYTimes: A Constitutional Case in a Box of Cash


STEVE BIERFELDT had a little tin box, packed in plain view in his carry-on bag, when he went through airport security in St. Louis last March. He often carried the little box, he later told me. But this time, the box would become a big deal.

Security screeners had a problem, not with the box but with the cash inside it, about $4,700. They demanded he explain where he got it. Trouble ensued when he politely declined to do so. He thought he was within his rights, he told me.

“Am I being detained?” he asked after the regular checkpoint security search had been completed.

Yes, he was being detained.

Transportation Security Administration officers escorted Mr. Bierfeldt to a nearby interview room, where he was interrogated for more than 20 minutes by screeners and then by the police officers who were soon summoned.

“What do you do for a living?” a T.S.A. officer named Ron Bardmass asked Mr. Bierfeldt.

“Am I legally required to tell you that?” asked Mr. Bierfeldt, who lives in Virginia and was flying home.

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First, know your rights.
Second, respect the rights of others.
Third, it doesn't hurt to be polite. Nobody likes a loudmouth bully, and you may need a jury on your side.


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One for the home team! Campaign for Liberty mentioned in NYT and they didn't slam it!

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

Well after reading that account

I may have been mistaken. Sounded like that evasive Bierfeldt fellow was trying to play games with law enforcement and airport security and record himself get a rise out of them by being all suspicious like. I mean after all sounds like one of those patriots accidentally said an expletive out of frustration and Bierfeldt must have over reacted thinking his rights were violated. The guy brought this on himself, he should have not been so sneaky and just answered the questions. Thank heavens that frivolous lawsuit was dropped so security can do their job and keep us safe!

ok the story wasn't that exagerrated, but I don't doubt that a lot of people will read it that way. Terrible article, misses all the important points.

Ummm . . the whole point of

Ummm . . the whole point of that story is that they didn't have a right to even ask him those questions! Why should he answer an illegal question? It was a great article and hit the most important point. That the government is overstepping its bounds and that it needs to be reined in, and was.

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Blessings )o(

well said patriot

Thanks for your comments Maeve.
"a half truth is a full lie" old Jewish saying quoted by Gary Null
exposing big pharma and their deadly vaccines

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

My pleasure

All I can think is that TPTB are getting really scared and are doing their best to divide and conquer. I can't remember the last time I've seen this much negativity on the DP. During the campaign maybe, but its really stepped up recently I think.

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Blessings )o(


My apologies, I thought the sarcasm was self evident in my above post.
As I read the article I tried to imagine how an average NYT reader would read the story based on what and how it was presented. The above post was what I came up with. I didn't actually mean any of that.

Although I'm happy the NY Times covered this story, I think the article too lightly glosses over the courageousness and importance of what Mr. Bierfeltd did. It was a clear cut victory over tyranny and should be celebrated and written about in detail. This article barely scratched the surface and I think it did the story a diservice by leaving out the dialogue and many circumstances of the situation, like the recently released MIAC report at the time. There was a lot more than one expletive and a lot more abuse of power than what was relayed in the article.

Perhaps you did understand that's what I was getting at, but still feel I am being too negative about it. If that's the case you may be right. Sarcasm is usually negative. I used it out of my own frustration and disbelief that they would water down this story that much. I could probably do better by myself and the DP community by staying more positve. Thanks.