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Washington Wire Q&A With Trevor Lyman

Trevor Lyman made a name for himself during the 2008 presidential campaign when he used his Internet skills to independently coordinate grassroots donations for Ron Paul on specific days that came to be known as “money bombs.” The pinnacle of his achievement was a Dec. 16, 2007 money bomb for Paul that generated a record-breaking $6 million in Internet donations in a single day.

Not bad for a former musician and Internet entrepreneur who had never before been involved in politics.

Paul lost the primary, but Lyman has maintained his interest in Internet fund-raising, launching ThisNovember5th.com, a site that has, among other initiatives, helped raise about $500,000 for Paul’s son Rand Paul, who is running in the 2010 GOP primary for an open Senate seat in Kentucky. A separate multi-candidate money bomb raised more than $133,000 earlier this month.

Lyman launched his latest site, TeaBombs.com, last week. Its mission statement reads: “Our mission is to focus grassroots conservative ‘tea-party’ energy into an effort that will remove non-conservative establishment incumbents from Congress in 2010. Together we will select which incumbents to target for removal and which of their challengers to fund.”

More at: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2009/11/17/washington-wire-qa-...

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It is SO great to hear of

all the great GRASSROOTS activism taking place. We need to stay positive and active and do what we must do to accomplish our mission of making the Constitution the center piece as it was in the beginning. May, we make the country better than it was in the beginning.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Actually it was Eric

Actually it was Eric Nordstrom that set up the first money bomb site long before Lyman did anything. To make a comment that he independently did this is bullshit.


Eric's was a weekly money bomb

Trevor's was a 24 hour horse race.

great find

Thank you for posting this Q&A.
"a half truth is a full lie" old Jewish saying quoted by Gary Null
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