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30 billion taxpayer gift to business

this actually might affect many readers of the DP

jsmineset.com referenced this article

30 billion hidden gift from taxpayers

I wonder how many of these things never get caught.

Important Point Many people on the DP may be able to take advantage of this terrible example of politics in action. If not directly it may be possible for your employer to do so but they may not know about this.


My Dog and

My Congress


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To be technically correct,

To be technically correct, this is only a problem if other taxpayers gets hit up for this money down the road. As of current, it's only less money for the government, which I can't imagine ever being a bad thing. See your, and the SA columnist's, point, though.

Rare Case Where We Might Benefit

I say take all you can in the rare instances where you can get it.

Any dollar we spend has to be better spent than the govt.

It is all funny money anyway. Unlike the stimulus this actually could produce results for companies that are turning aprofit now that had problems in the past.