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EASY way to prove government trickery


Anyone can do this, and everyone should try this. the worse case is the letter gets returned for postage due. (FB and Wolfe especially)

Take an envelope, place a letter inside, put a 3 cent stamp on it, address it to someone "outside of the United States" which means any of the 50 states, and not in Washington D.C., any military base, any federal zone, NO ZIP CODES

Here is an example address

Bill Griffith
3521 Fort Street
Seattle, Washington
[zip exempt]

your return address should not contain a zip code either.

The last thing you need to do is write:

First Class Non Domestic
bk.12 Statutes At Large
Chapter 71 section 23
37th. Congress Session 111

If you use a zip code or 2 letter abbreviated state, IT WILL BE RETURNED...

Ive tried this many times over the past months to trouble shoot it,
I purposefully used zip codes on some, and ALL were returned, I used 2 letter state abbreviations on some, and all were returned.

For larger packages the rate is 3 cents per 1/2 oz. in addition to the original 3 cents (i believe)

Send a letter to your friend today, THEN tell me this is not true.


Because, this will prove to many nay-sayers:
1) that the zipcode "makes" your address a federal zone.
2) that the 2 letter abbreviation is seen as a "federal State"
3) That the post office is a corporation and is tricking the average American into using 42 cent stamps, when only a 3 cent stamp is required.
4) That all 50 states are "without the United States".
5) And that common knowledge of government is OFTEN misunderstood.
6) that the "United States" can mean the "federal Government"

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The link above...

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Three weeks ago I tried this

Three weeks ago I tried this out. I didn’t use a zip or abbreviations and I wrote the statutes at large section on it. I had no 2 cent stamps so I used a 4 cent stamp. It was just delivered three weeks latter(mind you the letter was sent to an address less than 3 miles from mine so I assume they gave it a good look over) and stamped with “postage due .41 cents” and they wrote in a zip code that I am near but not within.

I think I will send the postmaster a letter indicating that the letter they are requesting additional postage on is “without the United States” and that their harassment is in violation of 18 USC §1726.

With that said I have two questions. First, although I didn’t write “zip exempt” under the address, I did write “NON DOMESTIC”. Here is an example:

John Doe
c/o 12345 anywhere drive
Indianapolis, Indiana

Should I have written “zip exempt” instead? The second question is should the statute at large section be written on the left side (under the return address) or on the right side (under the stamp)? Any replies are appreciated.

zip exempt is not required,

zip exempt is not required, and it doesnt matter where the statutes at large are written. this is very common they stamp the amount of postage due, but still leave the mail.

I have a stamp that says this:

First Class Statutory Rate
37th Congress. Session III
Bk. 12 Statutes-at-large
Ch. 71 Sec. 23. (1863)
Federal Offense to collect addnl. postage.
18 USC 1726 “without United States”

Thanks Julius, I appreciate

Thanks Julius, I appreciate the response. I will be sending out a few mother’s day cards (late unfortunately), and they will be sent with the lawful amount of postage. I am going to go ahead and add the 18 USC §1726 and “Federal Offense to collect additional postage” to the statutes at large cite. I will report how it turns out when/if they are received.

Been a year since I commented on this, but...

Been a year since I commented on this, but since then I have been mailing letters and sending packages every week at 3 cents per 1/2 oz. I have only had 2 returns. Not bad out of 100's. Thanks Julius.

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And it has been a year

since armed postal inspectors showed up at my door with a few of these letters . . .

I haven't given up on the study of this but I am too busy with other matters to keep testing it right now!

Phil. 4:13

What did the armed postal

What did the armed postal inspectors say/do?


Could someone post a picture

Could someone post a picture or link to a picture or something? Some of the wording is very confusing.

It looks like their scare

It looks like their scare tactic worked!

one has to be scared of armed postal workers

by definition, they've already gone postal. :)

So, can you pay bills this

So, can you pay bills this way? Can you mail to a business?

I would be inclined to say no

since you are mailing to a "corporation" within the "United States" thus "domestic" (by use of ZIP).
So it is "domestic" to the "United States", and also "non domestic" to the Constitutionally mandated "post office" in Art. 1:8:7:

To establish Post Offices and Post Roads;

Here is their website, specifically the DMM (Domestic Mail Manual)
1.3 Address Elements

All mail not bearing a simplified address under 3.0, Use of Alternative Addressing, must bear a delivery address that contains at least the following elements in this order from the top line:

a. Intended recipient’s name or other identification.

b. Private mailbox designator (“PMB” or alternative “#”) and number if the mailpiece is addressed to a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) address.

c. Street and number. (Include the apartment number, or use the Post Office box number, or general delivery, or rural route or highway contract route designation and box number, as applicable.)

d. City and state (or state abbreviation). The city is any acceptable mailing name for the 5-digit ZIP Code serving the intended recipient as shown in the USPS City State Product.

e. ZIP Code (5-digit or ZIP + 4) where required:

1. ZIP Codes are **required** on Express Mail, Presorted and automation price First-Class Mail, Periodicals mail, Standard Mail, Package Services mail (except single-piece price Parcel Post), all mail sent to military addresses within the United States and to APO and FPO addresses, all official mail (penalty mail), all business reply mail, and all merchandise return service mail.

2. Unless required above, ZIP Codes may be omitted from single-piece price First-Class Mail (including Priority Mail), single-piece price Parcel Post, and pieces bearing a simplified address.

So it says quite clearly that all mail to "commercial" destinations MUST operate within the Commercial USPS.

It also appears to say that a zip is NOT required for any location "within the "united States" (it appears to mean the 50 states in this case, that is NOT a "military address" by its specific statement as to where it IS required.

Bookmarked to read later


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I saw this story today and

thought of this thread.



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Simple question

Is there a way to track your mail when trying this?


Hear, O Israel: YHUH our God YHUH one. And thou shalt love YHUH thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.


Delivery confirmation comes exclusively from the recipient of the mailing.

I tried it

I had 3 plain envelopes mailed with the 2 cent stamp and they all went through. I had a different disclaimer on the envelope than the one cited above regarding the postal law. It is still hard to believe it but they did get through to 3 different states (Ohio, Virginia, and Arizona). I used the team law approach. I even sent one to a lawyer friend who could hardly believe it. There is little doubt that the 2 cent postage was seen due to the large handwritten disclaimer. I am not doing this any more because my lawyer said that he has heard of people being prosecuted for some type of mail fraud. He is looking into it further.

But I can assure you that my mail did get through and I still find it very disturbing. I even mailed myself something and still have the enveloped with the postal stamp on it.

Sorry, but there seems to really be some truth to this crazy stuff.

How is it mail fraud if these letters are actually delivered ?

And the postage, the address and the disclaimer are prominently displayed on the outside of the envelope ?
Guess it does stand to reason, most postmasters don't understand the difference between the postal service and the post office. There is too much fraud to hide to actually protect the things that are legal as opposed to those things that are lawful. We really need this mass awakening. Things are way past ridiculous.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Can you expand

on "the team law approach" and what disclaimer you used? Or is that secret team law stuff?

Phil. 4:13

mail fraud? If you are

mail fraud?

If you are following the actual statutes-at-large, how can you be engaged in fraud?


Just got a letter returned with a red stamp that reads:


The additional postage due was written in as 41¢. I will be printing out the laws and paying a visit to the postmaster. This should be interesting... ;^)

I also had some letters

I also had some letters returned marked postage due (.40 cts)I sent a copy of the law (certified/return reciept) to my post master, explaining that this was my understanding of the law. Asking: if incorrect please let me know within thirty days, other wise, I would resume sending the postage the law required and that if any items were returned, costing me damages, (late fees, ect.) that I would be forced to seek remedy in a local court for those damnages by sueing her in her PERSONAL compacity and that if I won in that area, then filing criminal charges for extortion and mail fraud. I expect to hear from her soon although knowing government and that she will have to run this by the higher ups, I told her if she needed extre time to call/write and let me know.


I will try something similar and post the results.

First Class Statutory

First Class Statutory Rate
37th Congress. Session III
Bk. 12 Statutes-at-large
Ch. 71 Sec. 23. (1863)
Federal Offense to collect addnl. postage.
18 USC 1726 “without United States”


Who else has been testing this? IMPORTANT

Anyone else working on this?

I have had a number of items returned in interesting ways, including USPS envelopes with my mail inside, some stamped postage due (but no amount designated), some with postage due indicated, some canceled but returned. And I am beginning to wonder why I am the only one who seems to be encountering this. May we please have some reports?

I've had telephone calls from a postal inspector in one state
(https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/aboutus/mission.aspx) and now a house visit from two others in another state.

Time to get a PMB!

Phil. 4:13

I asked

my local Postmaster about this.
I have a very rural Post Office, and I've known the Postmaster there for years.
She's about the furthest thing from an NWO tool that is imaginable.
Her response was that she'd never heard of such a thing, and any mail that comes thru her PO that doesn't have the normal postage on it would get returned, or sent thru with a Postage Due stamp on it.

The bottom line is that if the local PO doesn't have any idea about this "rule", then they are going to kick the mail back, even if the "rule" is true.
She's been a Post Office employee for 34 years, and she's never heard of such a thing.

When I told her that some people stated that their letters got thru this way, she said that some letters just get thru because they don't get looked at closely, and if there's any kind of stamp on them, they sometimes get sent, even if the postage is short. They don't catch every letter that is short of postage.

So, that's what I was told.

Don't believe everything you're told

Take her a printout of law mentioned by the OP, along with the Title 18 code mentioned below and have a friendly conversation with her.