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EASY way to prove government trickery


Anyone can do this, and everyone should try this. the worse case is the letter gets returned for postage due. (FB and Wolfe especially)

Take an envelope, place a letter inside, put a 3 cent stamp on it, address it to someone "outside of the United States" which means any of the 50 states, and not in Washington D.C., any military base, any federal zone, NO ZIP CODES

Here is an example address

Bill Griffith
3521 Fort Street
Seattle, Washington
[zip exempt]

your return address should not contain a zip code either.

The last thing you need to do is write:

First Class Non Domestic
bk.12 Statutes At Large
Chapter 71 section 23
37th. Congress Session 111

If you use a zip code or 2 letter abbreviated state, IT WILL BE RETURNED...

Ive tried this many times over the past months to trouble shoot it,
I purposefully used zip codes on some, and ALL were returned, I used 2 letter state abbreviations on some, and all were returned.

For larger packages the rate is 3 cents per 1/2 oz. in addition to the original 3 cents (i believe)

Send a letter to your friend today, THEN tell me this is not true.


Because, this will prove to many nay-sayers:
1) that the zipcode "makes" your address a federal zone.
2) that the 2 letter abbreviation is seen as a "federal State"
3) That the post office is a corporation and is tricking the average American into using 42 cent stamps, when only a 3 cent stamp is required.
4) That all 50 states are "without the United States".
5) And that common knowledge of government is OFTEN misunderstood.
6) that the "United States" can mean the "federal Government"

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I don't use "snail mail" very much, but

I will try this and report back.

Update: Results of Posting packages

I posted a 4 lb, 4 oz box from Redding, California to Missouri. It was returned to my Washington return address.

The box had a load of PO/USPS-added stickers and stamps, but nothing to show which PO tampered with and hindered the delivery of the box (but subsequent activity makes me certain the Redding station was responsible). The additions were:

A yellow paper with zip hand written for my return address to cover "[zip exempt]."

A sticker "saying" it could only go by surface, no airplane (icon for of circle with 'plane & line through it).

A sticker, handwritten, with postage due, subtracting the $4.02 in stamps. And their red "postage due _________" stamped all over the box.
And the piece de resistance, A bright blue sticker stating:

"Important Customer Information
We regret that your mail was not collected or is being returned to you due to heightened secruity requirements. All mail that bears postage stamps and weighs more than 13 ounces MUST be taken by the customer to a retail service associate at a Post Office.
United States Postal Service JULY 2007 DECDDD2" (bold/italics theirs)"

I had handed the box to a postal employee. And answered his questions about whether there was anything hazardous in the box. And told him exactly what was in it. I also stated that it was postage paid per the stickers on the box and was ready to go. I was perhaps too cavalier and should have been more patient.

I removed all their stickers, blacked out the red Postage Due stamps, put shiny clear tape everywhere so anything they do this time will easily come off. I then took the box to my local postal outlet lady, had her verify the weight, and then asked her to please round stamp the stamps and place the box in her outgoing bag, which she did with pleasure. The round stamp proves the package was handled by a postal employee.

Waiting to hear if this was successfully delivered.

A second package, 10 oz, was successfully delivered within Washington from the western side to the eastern, in two days. I used the same procedure, asking my local post mistress to round stamp the stamps and place in her outgoing bag.

UPDATE: Large box delivered in five business days from western Washington to Missouri (week of Christmas, so perhaps slower than usual). No postage due notices on box, just dropped at the house door.

Phil. 4:13

I will be testing this soon

but I would love to hear more discussion and results.
Free yourself.


Hear, O Israel: YHUH our God YHUH one. And thou shalt love YHUH thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.


I sent 26 New Years cards Dec. 18th
NONE were returned

OK, somebody has too much

OK, somebody has too much time on their hands and is thinking way too much! I have been studying up on the stuff about the corporation called the United Staes of Amerika. What an awesome idea. Kudo's juliusbragg !!

The Constitution is just a Goddamned piece of paper- G W Bush

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More test results: :-(

Just received back a stack of cards that were placed in the "outgoing mail" slot of a stack of locked curbside mail boxes.

These had 6 cents affixed because they were over the half ounce mark.

They were bundled with a yellow "affix 38 cents additional postage" slapped over my "Statutory non-Domestic rate, First Class US Mail Fully Pre-Paid" etc. label.

I am going to re-send them using standing blue boxes.

Phil. 4:13

just curious....are the

just curious....are the addresses TO and FROM written like this without zip and without 2 letter state?

Bill Smith
123 Anywhere Street
Denver, Colorado [zip code exempt]

    John Doe
    345 First Street
    Cleveland, Ohio [zip code exempt]

Zip Code Exempt

It is my understanding that anything you put in brackets, or in a box is NOT THERE. Like it's invisible. So, I'm wondering if anyone has actually been putting the zip code in brackets and trying to send it that way.

ex. Kay Brown
c/o 31 Miracle Way
Anchorage, Alaska [41456]
fictitious address of course and this is how I address all of my correspondences.

As for the First Class Non Domestic, etc. Does that go on the face of the envelope above the address you are sending to? That seems to be alot of information. Just wondering. Always a joy to learn new things!

Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. 1 Corinthians 13:7

Yes, they are

They also have stickers affixed per the web site in your original post, giving the statute, section, etc.

Phil. 4:13

A test from Michigan to Texas

with a 3 cent stamp worked but it was delivered with a request for postage due.

Julius, will this work when mailing to a post office box? What about when the source or destination is a corporation?

PO Box

I tried sending to a po box with state spelled out and adding [zip exempt]. It was sent back with postage due. Perhaps spelling out Post Office Box 123? I will keep experimenting.

Any other thoughts?


I believe a P.O. Box is a

I believe a P.O. Box is a corporate privilege requiring full price, General Delivery however is certainly Constitutional.


Anytown Illinois Post Office
C/O Bill Smith [P.O.Box 123]

I tried it. It was returned

I tried it.

It was returned Insufficient Address Unable to forward.
Do I need to include the zip in brackets or "near [12345]"?

Thanks in advance.

Btw, the address is going to a large metropolitan PO...let's say Los Angeles. I appreciate your thoughts.


here are the statutes, to

here are the statutes, to see for yourself...these have never been changed.
3 cents for mail ANYWHERE in the U.S. and 2 cents for "local" or "drop letters" so yes.
section 22, and 23

2 cent letter tested

I sent 4 cards-put them in BLUE BOX
2 in state 2 out
took 2 days for the instate
4-5 days for out of state

this is what I put on all of them
First Class Non Domestic
Without Prejudice
bk.12 Statutes At Large
Chapter 71 section 23
37th. Congress Session 111

it worked...

then I mentioned it to my dad,
his reply, "letter money is what is paying the postmaster wages,
if everyone did this we would have no mail"
So I replied, Oh my freakin gawd...
WAKE UP!!! maybe my 30% (wink) taxes they are taking
will pay for their fricken job.

anyway, I won LOL the letters went and not returned.



Results of Testing 2 & 3 cent postage

Re: "Testing" below, December 5 post.

The one sent within the same county was received the next delivery day. The one sent from Wash. to Calif. was received on the second delivery day after dropping in a box. So far so good.

Tomorrow I am testing a medium size package. It is roughly 11 x 11 x 7 inches and weighs about 4 1/4 pounds. I will get exact weight at the PO and then purchase appropriate stamps. My local postal lady is very intrigued. I had her weigh a small book for me and told her I just needed the ounces, please. She then told me how much it would cost, and I smiled and told it would cost a whole lot less, namely 6 cents per ounce. She knows me and believes I have done the research. :-)

I will let you all know. The package will be going from Calif. to Missouri.

Phil. 4:13

Hindering the mail is a Title 18 U.S.C. violation

They are required to know this and follow THEIR rules. I suggest you use a post office where the employees are not familiar with you and get the post master's business card in the event of any chicanery. I've had postal employees write in the zip code on their own if I write "zip code exempt" or simply leave it off. If the zip (an abreviated military term for occupied area "zone in process") or abbreviated state e.g. "CA" instead of "California" is on the envelope a computer will kick it back, not an employee. Computers follow a program that doesn't comport with the Domestic Mail Manual. If this is a problem then inform the postal inspector and cite the DMM for verification.

Best of luck with your package. If it works you can send me some Christmas cookies at a discount!

Title 18 U.S.C. violation

Here is the section of the code to which you are referring(emphasis mine). See also Chapter 73, § 1510.


Title 18, Part I, Chapter 83
§ 1703. Delay or destruction of mail or newspapers

Whoever, being a Postal Service officer or employee, unlawfully secretes, destroys, detains, delays, or opens any letter, postal card, package, bag, or mail entrusted to him or which shall come into his possession, and which was intended to be conveyed by mail, or carried or delivered by any carrier or other employee of the Postal Service, or forwarded through or delivered from any post office or station thereof established by authority of the Postmaster General or the Postal Service, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

Phil. 4:13

Yes the post office is on

Yes the post office is on the Republic and the U. S. Postal Service is in the federal corporation they are separate.

Thanks Julius for this as it also proves the republic is still there waiting for us to populate it.

Also look on a Dollar Bill and at the seal on the right side. That is the seal of the republic. On the left the seal is for the federal reserve and part if the corporation. On the top is says Federal Reserve Note and on the bottom it says One Dollar this shows what I have been telling you that they have overlayed the socialist democracy on top of the republic, and So it is up to you if you use it on the Republic as a United States note or in the corporation as an FRN as an employee of the corporation.

Come help us restore the republics! http://freeassembly.info

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End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

Juliusbragg, check you

Juliusbragg, check you e-mail!!!

Your servant for freedom, Clay Carey

I was in the post office the other day...

...and having known about this, I decided to strike up a conversation with a young lady who was wrestling with getting postage on a whole tub full of mail. I said to her "you know you could send those for 2 cents each, there is just a particular way you have to address them?'.

She blurted back at me "oh that's okay, I know the post office needs the money". I just turned and walked away... #%$@ sheeple!!!

One thing I heard about this was that you need to sign your name across the stamp to cancel it, but I don't remember you having to include the legal cites. (Perhaps by signing you are stating that you are aware of all applicable laws...? I also remember someone saying you needed to sign in gold ink!) I found this info on the site in the second link in my signature below.

Are you a person?

Do you really control your own affairs?

Everyone should send letters

Everyone should send letters to the local offices of your Representative in this manner.

1,000=$20 at 2cents

Imagine if 100 of us sent them, that would be a wonderful mess and a very big message. It could say (PASS 1207 NOW!) or something similar to that affect.

Hmmmmm Julius....

will this work? They are federal employees and therefore are in a federal zone.

Anyone? Julius?

I sure like the idea, just not certain it applies.

In Canada, one can send post to MPs for "free." That's right-- no stamp required.

Phil. 4:13

I believe it would...they

I believe it would...they are located in on of the 50 states, they, however, couldnt send one to you for 2 cents.

We could call it "Constitution Letter Day". :)

Adam Putnam (D-12th without this)
650 East Davidson Street
Bartow, Florida [Near 33830]

I will try this.


i gotta try this.

Mass Mailings?

During the campaign many people were writing letters. This could make it very costs effective.
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with a little note

inside telling how it works and why...

Waiting for proof still over here...this will be interesting!

Can't wait

to see the posted results.

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Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica