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Did you just hear that? Daily Show 11-18

John Stewart passionately mentioning "the only politician out in front was Ron Paul speaking about revolution against tyranny, and Fox dismissed him."

On the Daily Show while he interviewed Lou Dobbs. Dobbs agreed RP was dismissed not just by Fox, but by all networks.

Update: The soundbite starts at around 5:30:
Interview continues with Dobbs.

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Stewart and Colbert sold out

I stopped watching Colbert long ago. Watch his opening sequence, that alone ought to turn your stomach. He stands on top of the nation as it spins under his feet and ends upside down.

I kept watching Stewart online occasionally until about a month ago when he had Janet Napolitano on, and he just shilled like a whore for the vaccines.

Nope, I did NOT see what Stewart said, I won't be watching what Stewart said, and I do not give a rat's rear end what Stewart said.

If it is on TV, you have been PERMITTED to watch it. Why would you even look, knowing that? lol!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I agree 100%

Stewart is obviously biased; however, he does have more truth-filled conversations than the vast majority of shows.

Cobert hides his anti-US message in a satirical wrapper. The guy is extremely witty so it is hard to catch onto it in one episode, but watch him for a few episodes (and do some fact checking) and you see that Cobert uses his fast style to speed around truths and to suggest many untruths.

Cobert's show is inspiring though. I'd love to see a satire show where real conservatives pretend to be both neocons and liberals.

It is extremely obvious that the neocon shows are holding way back on exposing ridiculous liberal ideas. Why? Because, as Ron Paul inferred, neocons are liberals in Republican clothing.

Amen, to that last line.

Yes, that is the truth.

I can't watch them either.

They seem to work for the democrat party, IMHO. I have seen Stewart REGULARLY gush over his liberal guests. Hard to stomach for me. And while he's treated Ron Paul respectfully, I detect this air that he regards him as a nice, crazy old guy, which also bugs me.

you do realize that it is satire right?

they often take pot shots at both the left and the right. if you are looking for news, perhaps comedy central is not the place for you, but if you are looking for a satirical take on current events, daily show is great.
colbert is a lampoon of bill o'reilly, and if you can stomach watching that show, you can see how cleverly they make fun of it.

Want the long story?

I watched for years, while "living the dream." I also have been a "seeker" my whole life, and as such even dabbled in WICCA, sorcery, some things most folks here would probably be horrified by, but I found some truth there and will not apologize for the path that leads me to truth. I now understand things about symbolism and rituals that get under the radar of most folks. I cannot seem to communicate this problem well at all.
I began my awakening in earnest as the writer's strike began, and watched these men break and sell out. I pity them, I am almost certain they have been threatened. But I do not listen to them any more. Indeed, they seem to have settled in and now enjoy mocking the people.
WHO designed that intro for Colbert? These people do not need to be at the top of every show, they can be at the bottom. The graphics guy, or some part time writer with the right people behind them, can do amazing things.
Again, you would have to have lived my live to have my perspective. I worked for a company and watched it turn from a professional medical facility into a form-filling, regulation complying, people churning machine. It took ONE guy, with no medical training at all. He showed the docs how to make LOTS of money, and as they began to be fear mongered with regulations, this guy promised to keep them out of prison. "You do medicine, I'll do the business."
So yes, I realize it is "satire." I also understand that it has a power on the subconscious. And no, I no longer seek satire, or anything else, from the TV. Anything on the TV is something you are PERMITTED to watch, as mentioned. I've got better things to do.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Great Points!

I still will revel though in the good that can come from the relatively positive reference to RP. I'm sure we'll se such in a future liberty video helping to communicate an particular message or theme. And how many more thousands of people just heard yet another positive reference to RP ...that might just then get the best of their curiosity, and thus research him further.

good point . . .

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


Yes, indeed.

It is more invasive and pernicious than many in our culture can realize.

Thank you for the points about the medical facility; we are seeing that nearby.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


As smart and perceptive as Jon is he just plain doesn't see that it's not a left vs. right problem. Dobbs is almost there but doesn't quite get it either.

I truly believe Jon wants whats best for the country but he just doesn't realize the harm the philosophy and policies he supports will cause. He refuses to look at the virtues of liberty, conservatism and limited government because he associates it Palin, Fox and Bush. Once he can divorce the concepts from the personalities the claim in vain to represent them, he'll be able to see the errors of his views.

Dobbs just needs a little bit more vitamin RP.

I think what Jon means is

I think what Jon means is that when democrats are in power the republicans are against everything but when they are in power they do nothing.

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what john meant was

by saying "we're not delicate, we're tenacious" he meant that there's actually not much limit to how far social wellfare programs can be stretched. because ultimately if you force something onto the system and force a redistribution of something, ultimately someone will have to cope with it one way or another. well to a certain extent that is true, except for the fact that unless one has studied history, that person won't know we're already on the brink of a financial disaster. no one has the experience of actually going through a nation eliminated by its economic turmoil in its lifetime, so it should be common sense for anyone that experience itself cannot be relied upon and one needs to study what happened in the past to put the situation of this country in an objective context. i just don't get where his take on "this country can be stretched much further into redistribution of wealth, because wealth will come from somewhere, somehow" comes from.

very good points


Joη's picture

oh man, part 3 of the interview

he says it's the founders' fault; they shouldn't have written that "All men are created equal" because "then it means that we [the government] have to help people". I'm pretty sure he was being genuinely serious.

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Jon Stewart

didn't seem to realize how he contradicted himself. He said, "Well the eight years people...but nobody said anything. As a matter of fact, you could trace this back to, the last eight years, the biggest advocate for this is Ron Paul. The FOX network basically dismissed him during that time, now they've...but now they've embraced this idea of revolution, of fighting tyranny. This seems specific to a democratic president, and specific to Obama, not a long held belief that has suddenly surfaced."

If FOX news dismissed Ron Paul, then yes, obviously the belief was there, and yes, FOX news allowed it to surface with Obama's election, but it's not like nobody was saying anything and it wasn't a long held belief! It was being dismissed instead of reported, he admitted that himself.

I liked Jon Stewart better during the Bush years...

I can't stand the left right paradigm!

If you're not red your blue if you're not blue your red. Come on. John Stewart needs to be pressed the same way we pressed Glen Beck. He has no idea how this economy is hurting so many people. He is so far in the left paradigm he has become blind to the current government's fraud.

He doesn't WANT to know.

Believe me. For many people "liberal" philosophy is a religion.. it is a matter of faith and conviction. He does not want to question it. It is how he identifies himself - part of his self-concept. You see it all the time - he seems to question, and then totally backs off.

The most disappointing parts

The most disappointing parts for me were how Stewart kept taking shots at FOX and neocon criticism of Obama as if they are the only segment of the country who disagrees with Obama's policies. It's that kind of behavior that gives neocons legitimacy as conservatives and fuels the fake left/right debate. Honest people on the left should ignore FOX and the neocons and only debate the issues with actual conservatives, like Dr. Paul.

Well said!

I couldn't agree more

I'm on mountain time

I'll make a point to watch him at midnight.

I got a different vibe from the mention of RP

I will have to watch it again to be sure. Seemed more like he was saying RP was the source of all the revolution trouble maker tea baggers and patriots who fox has now mainstreamed since Obama won.
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He kind of left that impression

because he didn't take the time to differentiate between neocon R's and RP R's, but I don't think he meant it that way. I had to watch the first part again, but I think he was saying that RP has held some of these views a long time and he was rejected by FOX and R's, but now they embrace the idea of "Revolution".... And I think he was implying that FOX and many mainstream R's are now causing a fuss just because Obama (D) is in office. If that's what he meant then I somewhat agree, but he wasn't very clear.


he made it seem like the Revolution movement was a bad thing. It was not a very convenient time to mention Dr. Paul's name.

Ugh... Stewart pisses me off. He's such a pawn. He points out some of the hypocrisy of the Obama administration in his monologues, but when Biden comes on, he throws him softball questions, and then doesn't follow up on Biden's sound byte answers and platitudes.


Stewart is a douchebag plain and simple.
All TV is a form of brainwashing take in small doses.


thats the way i saw it too

Glad they put this up so quick

Plus some did not air on tv. 3 parts.
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Yeah, the meat of the interview

seemed like parts 2 and 3.... Maybe they wanted to force everyone to watch that Chase commercial as many time as possible.

video clip

I'll try to record a video clip, but hulu is kinda funky with that

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The long awaited

The long awaited vindication. . . it sure feels good, doesn't it? Karma works like a charm.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

Jon Stewart might be okay

Jon Stewart might be okay with the government re-distributing wealth, but he has his moments.

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