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"Anti-war soldier faces 10 years in jail"

LONDON: A British soldier who faces up to 10 years in jail for speaking out against the war in Afghanistan will go before a military judge this week to discover if he will remain in an army jail while he awaits trial.............
In an escalation of the Ministry of Defence's legal action against him, Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, 27, was arrested and charged last week with five counts of disobeying lawful commands and standing orders in relation to his public opposition to the war expressed at an anti-war rally last month.......
He had already been charged with desertion for refusing to return to fight in Afghanistan...( more on this story in link below)


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Did you read the part about

Did you read the part about how much more the public servants in Afghanistan are being paid than the troops are? The world is upside down.

May his soul be blessed. That took guts to do what he did.

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