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UCLA Students Riot as Tuition Inflates 32%

Students clash with police as tuition is set to Inflate 32 percent this year.


They are NOT happy.


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To describe California like a dream, it really is. Its amazing that such as place exists but much of it is based on illusion, from standard of living, fashion, and perfect weather. They are eating themselves alive.

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Coming to a city near you


Riot? looks like a protest to me

For Freedom!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

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Probably they meant to say some

of the police rioted, arresting and tazing.


Well there you have it, eh? Now Mr. Soetoro needs only sit back and watch the mayhem unfold as no one can afford to continue their education. By next year they will be lining up in droves to become part of his heavily propagandized Civilian National Security Force.

jk......I hope. ;D

Comparison of nonresident tuition

Undergraduate CA resident tuition & fees: $8,266
Undergraduate non-CA resident tuition & fees: $8,914 + $22,021

The non-CA tuition and fees figure is probably the real, non-subsidized cost of school.


Screw these kids

I guarantee you these rioters were not free-market capitalists. They're a bunch of spoiled brats angry that their heavily subsidized tuition isn't free. Instead of being angry at the Federal Reserve they point the finger at the completely wrong people. These weren't peaceful protests either. No, these are the same people that will be begging to employ state power against the libertarians for "hoarding" food and silver when the real crash occurs.

I'm a UCLA transfer student,

I'm a UCLA transfer student, and just about to graduate, so I've been fortunate to have an inexpensive education for the most part. My parents saved money for my brother's and my educations from birth, and both educations have been completely paid for, debt free, out of pocket. It took hard work and SAVINGS (what a concept!) to do it, but we're out free and clear. Any extra money I'd use for grad school, so that's why I'm not happy with the increases. As a person who understands how the free market works, I know why these increases are happening.

This led me to an interesting observation: the workers at UCLA have kind of latched on to the student protests, because the workers have been in a labor dispute with the university for a long time. A chant I heard today on my way to class was "Students and workers united, we'll never be divided". Ok, fine. Now what signs were the workers holding? Ones decrying the non-living wages they are paid, and that they want more money. Ok, fine. Now what signs were the students holding? Ones decrying fee increases. OK, FINE. Now what happens if both get what they want? It throws the budget into an even worse downward spiral of debt! But do any of these "genius" econ students or poli-sci students connect those dots? OF COURSE NOT! THEY'LL NEVER BE DIVIDED. And that is why they will fail. So much wasted talent.

HOWEVER, I had a conversation with a classmate of mine who allowed me to really lay it all down and explain why fees would increase as a result of prolonged periods of people getting high quality educations for a heavily subsidized price. Well, I think most people here understand the process, so I needn't explain it again. He was very much in agreement with what I had to say and even admitted that he held mainly libertarian views (so why's he registered as green party, who knows?). He even pointed out that borrowing money is not a sustainable option! So at least the gears are turning...

I also managed to walk thru a few newscaster's shots as they were filming, proudly wearing my easy to notice, highly visible, white on black END THE FED shirt. I hope it made it on TV!

I had another conversation later, similar topic, this time with an econ student, though. We weren't in as much agreement. He was saying things like inflation is a good thing, and that there's no problem with borrowing now and putting the burden on future generations. These are the kind of people for whom there is no hope; they can't see the moral hazard in that.

Have faith, people, that not all UCLA students are stark-raving liberals! There are a few of us Bruins that can connect the dots!

That is just WRONG

There are NO "free market capitalists" coming out of public education, but that is no reason to abandon the victims of the crime.
Screw public education.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

good point; these young people have not been taught--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I was wondering when *it* would "hit" *education*--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

"Higher" ed is ran by socialists

I tell you what. Even the school of business of my former school taught "social responsibility." Students are taught that businesses have responsibility to take care of social problems. I felt that some tenured business professors there did not believe in free market.

Not sure how it is in a private school though.

Of course schools teach

Of course schools teach this. Look up the original purpose of gov schools, "to create good gov subjects" among other things. A lot of people think the education system is a total failure, that is not the case. The education has been one of the things where the government has actually succeeded in what they set out to do.

Anyone down there handing out dvds and schiff videos?

Sounds like they're going to protest again, we should spread some info. It'll be the best education they'll get out of that place.

They're waking up, we should serve some intellectual breakfast!

good point, exactly--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

this could be used as an opportunity to teach--

but *I* wouldn't enter a mob like that!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

That's what I'm always thinking

Where are the patriots giving answers to the clueless. Get them understanding the root of the problem. They are primed for some education. Have you ever tried to educate an average student in a normal college setting? They could careless about the message you're trying to spread. They are too focused on dating, their ipods, the home team, and maybe their next final. These students are ready. Send a YAL and C4L group in there to clean house.

Watch over 500 Activist-Issue Films Online, www.filmsforaction.org

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

Now they know that, "Yes we can" really means ...

No you can't afford to go to college anymore! How's that for getting what you voted for. Now for an education on reality!

And you can keep the change

And you can keep the change too.....

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Peter Schiff Was Right

I hate to repeat the line of a famous youtube video, but ya "Peter Schiff Was Right". What is unsettling to me is that the students were chanting, "Our University" and "yo se puedes".... while rioting.

If these kids had half a brain they would all just no re-enroll. Boycott the university and force them to lower the tuition. Capitalism works pretty good when people are educated and work together.

My biggest fear is that the government will try to step in and do "SOMETHING". I see that as the worst case scenario

"I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

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Yo Se Puedes?

Huh? Is that even proper Spanish?


"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Middle Age Professors with leather elbow patches on their sleeve

Maybe these students will start questioning why these middle aged child molesters [oops professors] have tenure and haul down salaries that are way higher then they should be. How much money do these upper tier professors and senior administrators haul down? A heck of a lot more then they should. Perhaps allowing all of the illegal students to pay in state tuition is not such a good idea after all lol. All of these do gooder programs are now catching up with these liberals and I think its funnier then heck. In Liberty.

It's interesting that

there wasn't hide nor hair of this on MSM today!

This video broke by my friend George

This video broke by my friend George, he's a youtube reporter for the channel InflationUS

They were shooting a documentary down there and just happened to see it. I posted it about 20 minutes after he uploaded the video, with any luck someone will pick it up in the MSM.

I think he did a good job shooting it. Reports say that there will be another larger protest tomorrow so who knows.

thank you for this--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

it's scary, though--

I have children in their 20s--

none in college at the moment, but none are finding these 'times' very comprehensible--and they have been taught well. It's not an easy time to be young either. I haven't forgotten.

My heart goes out to our young people; their inheritance is spoiled--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Schiff made a very good point, I think

in his YAL speech at Harvard, that student loans have been the primary driver of high tuition.

But truly all Americans should be this angry about the robbery through government taxation, inflation, dollar depreciation, etc. that has been going on for decades.

All Americans also should put this kind of energy into protesting the wars, tyranny, torture. Sadly it looks as though most people only get really riled up when they wake up to find their very own pockets being picked clean.

it is sad, but true--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

*our* young people have had "education" shouted at them from infancy as the "key" to having a 'future', and now this--

I don't blame them for feeling angry; not all of those young people are 'rich' or "liberal"--

but what they DO with the anger is another matter.

They haven't been taught correctly.

It is sad.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


cheap money/credit makes everything more expensive, but it really stretches out the cost of important/in-demand big ticket items

-medical attention

A refreshing display of

A refreshing display of backbone.