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No fly lists: I have a better idea

So the government has this list of people that will not be allowed to board planes. I've heard that this secret list has about a million American citizens on it. Well, that sure is a lot of domestic threats to our security. Maybe we'd all be more secure if we the public knew who the homegrown terrorists were.

And that is why I am proposing that everyone on the no fly list be required to wear yellow stars on their clothing. This will be a clearly visible symbol to all, that the wearer of the yellow star is a suspicious person who might be dangerous. They might, for instance, be a Libertarian. Or they might legally own a gun. It's even possible that they are upset with the government. These are all signs of terrorism, and we cannot be safe as a people without being aware of the terrorists that are in our midst.

So let's start this yellow star policy. I got the idea from another society in history that was just as concerned with security as we are today, so I think the implementation of such a plan would work out just as well here as it did there. Let's hear it for yellow stars.