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I Need Some Talking Points

I'm going to be having a conversation with a younger girl (20[?]) about politics. She's very much into the LGBT "movement" and is being subjected to socialism. She said she was meeting up with some socialists on Thanksgiving. Didn't refer to them as friends, just socialists.

If you're wondering our relationship, we're friends who have hung out a couple of times, but she's hot... So I'm uncontrollably into her. If I could persuade her into some subjects, what should they be, and what approach should I take?

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Let her know how Castro treats gays.

Most of the pinko governments are severely repressive of homosexuals.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

I just got

my "For Liberty" dvd and watched it the other day. It might be nice to sit and watch that video expose her to Dr. Paul and how his message is reaching across party lines.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

As I'm reading the 'advise' below....

...and some of your responses, Tyler, I'm starting to picture this gal as the hot blonde Lizard-chick on the new show 'V'... At some point you gotta figure the value of a possible P.O.A., vs. an MTV-brainwashed Birckenstocker.....My advise: slam her with some Alex Jones-ish facts, then go milf hunting.
Just my .02....

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Build her a cake.

Build her a cake.

This is not a talking point.

This is not a talking point. I'm trying to convince her that socialism is bad and liberty is good.

I regret saying that this girl is attractive and I'm uncontrollably into her. I just want her to agree with me and assist in changing her line of thinking towards one that is good.

Wait, what're you trying to do?

Are you trying to convert her from socialism or are you trying to convert her from the pink mafia? Because too much emphasis on the former will kill any shot you had at the latter. Woman want to be appreciated for who they are right now. If you give her the impression your affection is contingent upon her changing her political beliefs, um, good luck you're going to need it. Just listen to what she's got to say and ask good questions (mostly about her). The questions are your only shot at changing her mind. I'm guessing she doesn't take to dictation too readily. Haha.

Just watch a lot

of Glenn Beck, and Bill O.

Start everything you say with "Here's what you need to know America"

Or. you can do the Bill O approach and make "talking points" a separate entity, like the great oracle..
Bill O says........ "talking points says", and then spews his nonsense for his minions to gobble up. Kinda like that game show Family Feud, where the host yells
I'm sorry I don't have better answers for you. I wish I did. When I saw "talking points", this was all I could think of, and I thought I would try to inject some humor into this dark world we live in.
Best of luck in your endeavor.

PS..If your trying to persuade her into bed, then politics may be saved for much later down the road. I know....bad advice. Thinking with wrong head.

You could talk about...

how much you admire Chaz Bono.


I tend to start by saying that I think it is wrong for one person to use force against another. So, because government is a tool of force, I don't look to government to achieve social change. I find this to be almost unanswerable for the lefties. It exposes them as the thugs they really are.

Start out the evening with

Start out the evening with how the Federal Reserve is a scam run by Jews. Then slip into 9-11 a little bit. Nothing goes better with dinner wine than conversation about FEMA coffins, mass graves and the Bilderberg's depopulation agenda. Let her know how well-informed you are and use the word "eugenics" a lot. And most importantly - you don't want to let the evening pass without showing how much you care about her. So warn her emphatically about Project Blue Beam and the coming alien attack. First impressions are important, you know...


we are the Remnant

You're never going to believe this,

but I did virtually exactly that with my last Democrat girlfriend.
And it worked!

You're right, I'm never

You're right, I'm never going to believe that. I'd prefer to bring fundamental ideas up, and not the "conspiracy fringe" possibilities.

You really know how to set

You really know how to set the mood! I bet the ladies throng toward you.

You can take it from me Tyler

I'm quite the expert on the subject of first dates. In fact, all my dates have been first dates. And as I never married, I continue to have first dates to this day.

Another tip: if you ever date a Libertarian, at that right moment, you might caress her, whisper softly in her ear, and ask her if she'd like to ring your Liberty Bell. She'll know what you're talking about. And hey you never know, she just might answer yes. So be sure to take one along with you.

p.s. have a good time

we are the Remnant

Sounds like a lot of good advice

below. I just want to say good luck, and relax. If you plant seeds make sure they are verbal. lol

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

There is some good advice

There is some good advice below. I was hoping to get more empathic talking points with socialists, and how I could lure her towards the ideals of liberty. But, I'll take dating tips. My seeds will be verbal, I'd be very lucky if they were physical.

Go Natural

You don't need any talking points...Just stop wearing deodorant for a few days (Please shower though) and let your natural pheromones speak to her. If she's right for you she'll jump on you. If not....It was never meant to be.

Into the LGBT movement?

Is she a lesbian? Or is she just trying to defend victim gays? If I were you I would look elsewhere.

She's bi. And yes, I'm

She's bi. And yes, I'm seeing someone else right now, and have my eyes on several others as well. This particular girl has a lot of potential to influence lots of people. She's very enthusiastic, with leadership qualities, and attractive. She has an open ear with me and I would love it if she would step away from the dark side.

Tell Her you like Her bangs...

and hand her Ron Paul Slim Jim.

Here's some talking points

Talking points:

Where did SHE grow up?
What are HER favorite things to do?
How did SHE get so concerned about politics?
What does SHE think about bailouts and missing money?
What does SHE think about gov't takeover of private charities?
How does SHE think the best way to help others out?

You get the idea.

Got it. Only talk about

Got it. Only talk about myself.


You sure you should be trying to date this girl? Anyway, I always say to my single friends, date a democrat. One at a time baby

Go slow, do not control the conversation, listen and smile. This is not the time to whack her over the head with talking points. You need to move very slowly, agree with her that gays and trannies should have equal protection under law and government should get out of the marriage business altogether. I can safely assume she is against the wars as well. Just talk about common ground, but for the most part, try to stay away from politics for a little while. Plant seeds, they will grow

She is bi, so it's not like

She is bi, so it's not like I have no chance.

Go slow? She's a very fast talker. Also, her influence from the far left is quickly spreading. Planting seeds won't matter if wildfire is surrounding them.

I'm already seeing a Democrat who doesn't want to discuss politics because, as she's admitted, she doesn't know much about politics. I've explained to her that thinking Democrat/Republican or left/right politics is thinking one dimensionally.

Yeah, uhm

Furlough's "girlfriend" doesn't say much.
She's a pro wrestler, and the other one is an animal lover...heeheee..


Choose your advice carefully....

Most seeds will not survive

Most seeds will not survive in wildfires, however, in the plains and grassy regions, some seeds do survive. (a natural adaptation)

Also, I dated a liberal democrat for a while. In the beginning we argued a lot about politics. That was my neoconservative bush phase.

Socialists and Constitutional Republicans can agree on some issues. Socialists do not believe in corporatism. You might agree on freedom of social issues with women and homosexuals. War and the American empire is another issue of agreement.

After that relationship ended, I always took a slow approach and made small comments, thoughtful comments that would make the girl think. You also need to understand that she is an individual and should not be an experiment or mission. Relationships should not be about politics, they should be about love, companionship, enjoyment, etc. Just have a good time, make her laugh.

Also, it may be good to have some disagreements on issues. It is a conversation starter. You could take her to a conservative event like a tea party or ron paul speech or go campaigning.

Goodluck dude!

I rescind all previous advice

In my experience "bi" is finished with "tch" every time. If you think you can compete with every other man AND woman on the planet for some princess who can't even decide how she likes her nooky, you are a glutton for punishment!
And I really have nothing against gay or even bi, but what I said is my experience in this world.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

She is very sweet and

She is very sweet and sincere, not a bi***. I can compete with anyone. No girl is ever "too good" for me. She knows how she likes her nooky. She enjoys it from males and females.

There are exceptions to every rule

And it is not like I have this whole cadre of bi friends to base it on, so to say it is a "rule" is pretty out of line. Best of luck to you, but I never could figure out how those ladies ticked, and I was just trying to be friends. I cannot imagine trying to have an intimate relationship with the ones I know!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

The land mine of "liberated women"

APOLOGIZE for being brought up old fashioned, and assure her you KNOW she is capable of opening her own doors and hope she will forgive you for the way your mother raised you.

You will get so many friggin' brownie points, you got mom in there (I think she taught you that as she baked an apple pie, right?) PLUS you will "ask permission" to be a gentleman. Trust me, behaving like a gentleman will blow her mind.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.