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I Need Some Talking Points

I'm going to be having a conversation with a younger girl (20[?]) about politics. She's very much into the LGBT "movement" and is being subjected to socialism. She said she was meeting up with some socialists on Thanksgiving. Didn't refer to them as friends, just socialists.

If you're wondering our relationship, we're friends who have hung out a couple of times, but she's hot... So I'm uncontrollably into her. If I could persuade her into some subjects, what should they be, and what approach should I take?

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I believe apologizing shows

I believe apologizing shows a sign of weakness. I'm a confident person, and like to portray that. Maybe I could ask for her forgiveness for being old fashioned though. Bring up Mom? Really? Never got that tip before. I'll try it.

Every woman knows that if a guy is not good to his mother

he will not be good to her.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Want a woman's opinion?

LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN. Hang on HER every word, make sure when she DOES say something you agree with, "stroke" her with body language. Smile brighter, lean in a little, nod enthusiastically. When she is mumbling nonsense, try to keep a very patient but mildly disinterested look on your face. Want to nearly guarantee a second date? HINT at your politics / interests, but do NOT divulge anything unless she asks.
We women are a sad lot. We LOVE to talk, we LOVE to be heard. We are also very curious, but if you let her go on and on about herself, she will. Then when you are gone, she will realize she learned almost nothing about you, and will be dying for another date so she can learn about you.
OK, and I will give you another sad truth about us... If you make NO move on her on the first 2 dates, except MAYBE a goodnight kiss if the vibe is right, she will nearly tear your clothes off by date 3 or 4. (Be sure to show attraction - do not make her think you might be gay... Oh, wait, that might be a turn on for her... I don't know. I am an OLD woman - lol!)

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I would LOVE a woman's

I would LOVE a woman's opinion!

I'm not too sure what you mean by "'stroke' her with body language", specifically "stroke". I make good eye contact with people, I can smiler more, nod, etc.

So, don't ask her about her politics? I kinda suggested us getting together to discuss politics, because she's under bad influences.

She LOVES to talk. And talk and talk and talk. I'm quick enough though to get words in and carry on conversations well. I'm also a great listener, and I'm pretty sure she senses that.

What's your tip for showing attraction and receiving it back? I want her to know that I'm attracted to her, but not come across as some annoying sleazebag hitting on her.

I like Ernie Hancock's approach

"Freedoms the answer, what's the question?"

She probably has good intentions and noble social goals. Work with that. Show her how the ideals of liberty and limited government accomplish those goals whereas socialism and government intervention will inevitably fail them.
Virtually every social ill can be alleviated by more freedom and exacerbated by less.

Here's a recent example of how socialism fails and how less government intervention would have prevented the problem.

UCLA Students Riot as Tution Inflates 32%

Peter Schiff with the diagnosis and solution

The question is "What did

The question is "What did the United States declare on Japan and Germany on December 8, 1941"? the answer is obviously war. yet I see those bumperstickers that say "War is not the answer". Don't tell me what the answer is or isn't until you've heard the question!

Otherwise, good advice. True, she has a good heart and strong mind, it's just being controlled by the wrong influences.

As one who sports that sticker

It was put on my car when Bush was in power, and every time he had a problem, he tried to fix it with a war. I have always wished it said "solution" not "answer."

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


Freedom is the answer to that question too. Freedom would have prevented that war, but that's another discussion...good luck with your friend

Ask her out on a date

Hopefully you'll find you have something in common.. like she finds you hot despite your politics.

We live in seperate cities,

We live in seperate cities, a couple hours apart. Not that easy to just go out with her. Got any tips on increasing attraction appeal? j/k

On one hand

Paul4won is giving good advice. I'd include good hygene, but then, I've seen the Jerry Springer Show, and that was a wake up for me about what people find attractive and what they will do to feed that passion. I understnad disposable underwear can help the communte between cities,

Politically, many times opposites attract.

The best advice i can give, is for you to be yourself.