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Grants for (grassroots) activism

Dear people,

I hope my post finds you in high spirits.

It has been ages since my last post, it feels almost strange to type again after being an avid follower op DP for 99% of the time...

Anyways, to the point.

Here are two links that may be useful for the many of you taking grass roots action, and I do wish you good fortune with the many things you are doing.

From Switzerland where I currently live, this is a tiny contribution I can make for now (and I am fearlessly promoting the ideas of limited government and sound money in all my circles of friends and (ex)professions, yes including the UN!)=



Please do not let certain titles or categories scare you... there is actually a lot that can be done within the context of this or that funding line... education being a very widespread one.

Cheers, and chin up people, no matter how much shit we still have to eat for liberty, whether on this or that side of the ocean.

Keep smiling,

Francesco Marelli