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Iowans Slap the Des Moines Register for misrepresenting Ron Paul

Here's the title of the article:

"Paul calls for limited government, privatizing war"


And here is the link to the forums where the readers went ape:


The original article made it sound like Ron Paul supported amnesty. The readers quickly slapped the editors, and they finally made a retraction.

Also, people were mad about they were trying to claim Ron Paul wanted to privatize the military.

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This article seems to have

This article seems to have disappeared from the referenced site. Maybe the heat from all the requests for corrections became too much to handle.

The forum responses, however, are still there

Just trying to help clarify for everyone...

Did anyone else notice this comment from "admin_user", presumably the administrator of the site. It was buried in the second page of the comments:

From Des Moines Register state editor Dan Piller, regarding your posts: We hear you.

Ron Paul is against illegal immigration. In the process of editing Lisa Rossi's story, Paul's opposition to amnesty was lumped in with his opposition to the Federal Reserve and federal involvement in education.

The lead paragraph in the story thus could be read, and many did read it that way, that Paul is in favor of amnesty for immigrants when in fact he is not.

The Register regrets the error.

Was The Article Removed?

Is the article anyplace else? I can't seem to access it. They must have removed it. I can see the 4 pages of comments though.

Not sure if they completely removed it or not....

But here is the correction:


and here are the comments for that:


In the meantime, here are several other active Ron Paul threads based on articles in the Des Moines Register:

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(not sure why they titled the thread "Democrat". the article says Republican)

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Well . . .

Seems like I will be writing a polite email to both the journalist and the editor to correct the 'facts' so to speak . . .