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A question about The Revolution: A Manifesto

In his book Dr. Paul mentioned the possibility that the federal gov, under the Bush administration, was entertaining the notion of changing mental health care and how it is administered in the U.S. The ultimate goal I believe was mandatory mental health screening for all Americans, but it would start in public schools and drugs could be prescribed WITHOUT parental consent.

Last night in my academy class we were discussing how children were being over medicated as it was in American society. I shared what I had recalled from his book and everyone was in shock and disbelief. My instructor for the week has quite a bit libertarian leaning beliefs and was very interested in learning more about what I had shared and that is why I'm here now :D

Does anyone know what the status is on this? Is there a bill in Congress for implementing this that is sitting idle in some committee? Has this been dubiously tucked away in the Healthcare Bill? I know this began under the Bush administration with the Executive Order that created the New Freedom Commission on mental health and that the good Doc yearly attempts to pass legislation that would outlaw funding, but that is about it. Does anyone have any other information they would like to share on this topic? Anything would be greatly appreciated!

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