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WHO urged to phase out dental mercury

Today, at an expert meeting on the future use of dental fillings, a letter signed by over 70 non-governmental organizations from around the world was presented, calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) to establish a schedule to phase out the use of dental mercury fillings as soon as possible.

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Anyone know of an appropriate contact point at the WHO, so we can help this effort?

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Thanks for posting this.
"a half truth is a full lie" old Jewish saying quoted by Gary Null
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the sad thing is

they dont seem to care what the mercury does to the patient but what it does to the environment. and I cant help but think about all those light bulbs that people are putting in their house filled with mercury. Man these people are dumb

PSSSSST! Hey! Buddy!

Want some good bulb? SHHHH! Don't look around, now just be coooool. Yeah, I got your bulb here. What are you gonna do for me?
STOCK UP on incandescents!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


But if they take action, this will end a long battle with victory.


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