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What Does Mick Jagger and the Stones Know of the NWO?

I just watched their latest concert film "Shine a Light." It had Mick and the boys kissing up to Bill and Hillary Clinton. They also had Bill Clinton host a concert in Anahiem, Ca. in 2002. Mick has rubbed elbows with the elite for a long time. Just curious if anyone else has thought this.

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"in her majesties satanic service"

Yes, I have thought about it...

Some say that the Beetles were involved with the "Tavistock Institute", which was supposed to be some big MK-ULTRA type thing to brainwash society...

I do believe that the whole hippy movement was engineered to create a generation that would accept the "Age of Aquarius", but I never did do much research on the whole Tavistock thing...

Anyway, it would be interesting to talk with someone like Mick Jagger about the NWO...

In fact, I think that someone like Brittany Spears could be even more interesting, because I suspect that she was actually brainwashed from a young age in some Disney/Monarch type sex slave program...


John Lennon would have refused.

As it was in 1965, John Lennon initially threw the MBE (Member of the British Empire) award out in the trash, when he received it. But he was persauded by (upper class raised) Beatles Manager Brian Epstein and the rest of the group to go along with it.

He later returned back his MBE award to Buckingham Palace in 1969, as a form of protest against Britain's support of the American Military Invasion of Vietnam, and the War.

Lennon, in later years, never would have accepted "Knighthood", and going around with the words "Sir" attached to his name. He would have refused the whole bourgeois game, and the obvious conflict with the things and issues that he stood for.

It seems so antithetical to the spirit of Rock, that people like Mick Jaggar, Elton John, and the non-political Paul McCartney would ever agree to "Knighthood" and having their name printed as "Sir" all the time.

I bet if Lennon had still be alive to refuse it, and discredit it, then all the other Rock musicians would have then followed the precedent, and passed on it.

Jaggar may be a man of wealth, but a man of "taste".....not so much.

Thanks for that info

Mc Kool Kill
This really bums me out. I loved those guys. What kind of music can I listen to that isn't Nwo influenced. Maybe Celtic music? Being awake can be really depressing sometimes. Lol.

Most of the "British Invasion"

SIR Mick? C'mon!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I didn't want to think it was true

Mc Kool Kill
Damn. I loved me some stones. E'tu Mick.

Yeah, now that you know it won't be the same.

The songs are telling, once heard with open eyes (or ears.)

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.