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"If Bin Laden were captured tomorrow....." Eric Holder has no answer... Neocons do


Eric Holder up against the ropes.....by none other than
Lindsay Graham (weenie though he may be :) )
Spare us the posting of Graham attacks... they're too easy.

The argument is concise (which is WHY I posted).
So what think ye.... fellow DP's?

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It seems...

If you want the Neocon argument.... here it is (above).

It seems like when I first posted this... nobody cared to think it through.
Then the Rand thing hit and everyone is contemplating Military vs. Civilian justice issues. Bin Laden is a little different.... he has ALREADY been tried and convicted (if I'm not mistaken).

However.... I think the ISSUE is DUE PROCESS like RJ has correctly voiced.... of which, Guantanamo has had NONE.... whether they be citizens or not.

He was never even listed as a suspect in 9-11

And he has been dead a long, long time now.
Why would they develop a plan for what to do if they "capture" a corpse?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


to put Holder into a corner and force the question:
"Do the Guantanamo prisoners have "rights" to due process or not?"
The neocon premise is of course, that the War is/was legally declared when Congress "decided" to defer to the "decider".
RJ argues that EVEN an enemy combatant, captured, has been entitled
to DUE PROCESS historically in a military court.

I personally, would like to see

a triple trial with Bin Laden, Bush & Cheney.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Sorry goldenequity, no pass on this Neo Con

If these cases go to NYC there is a chance - slim chance - that the previous Republican regime will be put on trial, including any and all intel agencies.

Don't you see the strategy?

The gleefulness in Lindsay Graham's voice?

Like he's got some silver bullet to stop a public viewing of what really happened.

And I'm not even saying that Graham even knows WTF happened or who dunnit.

He's as compartmentalized as any operative in any terror organization.

Slice through the goo.

The Last Hope Trader
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Thank you for posting this.

It was very interesting (and surprising, too.) I do believe that this is a circus intended to placate some and distract others.. But I don't think the issues raised here are a waste of time.

Yes they are.

It's like arguing over where Santa Claus should be tried in court, Because you know what Santa Claus isn't real and Neither is Al Quada as far as 9/11 goes.

OK, you're right.

But I think it is important to see the fumbling to disassemble the constitution in broad daylight. That's just me.

No offense but this is a waste of time

Bin Laden and Al Quada didn't cause 9/11. He's just the patsy.

It was a Zionist Inside Job False Flag.

Besided, You posted a video of Graham.. Seriously?


The Last Hope Trader
Forensic Trading For Times of High Crime

OK Let's stick with the left/right paradigm. It works right?

The Last Hope Trader
Forensic Trading For Times of High Crime