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*** Sarah Palin is the Anti-Paul ***

Thursday November 19th @ 13:42 EST.

As I write this Sarah Palin is signing books in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The local news is reporting "HUGE crowds of GOOD people are lining up to see ROCK STAR Sarah Palin."

The crowds appear to have an average age of 50 with a large percentage of women. They claim to be CONSERVATIVES and believe Sarah Palin is LIKE THEM.

Fans of Sarah Palin have been waiting in line since last night in Noblesville, Indiana were she will sign books between 6 and 9 PM. The local news estimates, as of this moment they are about 1000 people already waiting at the book store in Noblesville.

They also claim to be CONSERVATIVES when interviewed but give little detail on what conservatism is other than to mention the economy in the most general way.

Women who make up more than half of the people waiting in line are particularly excited to meet Palin.

In my opinion the ruling oligarchy is using Sarah Palin to drain off and control the awakening of the "liberty movement" (insert your preferred movement label here.)

The last thing the ruling class wants is a true awakening aka revival of American Individualism. So they have chosen Palin to guide and control the masses who would other wise wake up to their fraud and deceit.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."
— Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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