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Limbaugh opens his show with discussion and link to a Prison Planet article

A Prison Planet article exposing Al Gores' "Photoshop" manipulation of facts gave Rush Limbaugh the ammunition he chose to feature during the opening of today's show.

He even gave the link to it a prominent place on his website.


I suspect it will drive numbers to his site like he's never seen before, but who do you think will be the "net" winner for time spent on both?

P.S. Alan Colmes will be the last interview on today's Alex Jones show. Hannity, eat your heart out!


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He knows......

they know everyone in the business.....Alex is no more outrageous than Rush is......maybe you should reverse what you said........holy crap! I wonder if Alex really knows what Rush really says on his show.....


Holy crap.

When you say "prominent" you aren't kidding. That is a huge headline at the top of the page.



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