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Ryan Grim, Naomi Klein Discuss 'Audit The Fed' Bill

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The Huffington Post's Ryan Grim appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Meeting" Thursday, alongside author Naomi Klein, to discuss the Ron Paul/Alan Grayson bill calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve. An "Audit the Fed" letter, signed by economists and labor leaders, was sent today to the House Financial Services Committee, calling for passage of the Paul/Grayson bill and alleging that the Fed had "extended massive secret bailouts to major financial institutions." The letter urges committee members to shoot down the Watt amendment, which would allow the Fed to continue to operate in secret.

Klein, who signed the "Audit the Fed" letter, criticized the Watt amendment for allowing "governing in the dark".

"We used to call them zombie banks, they're actually vampire banks," she said. "Because what they're saying is, well there's the bloodsucking thing, but then there's also, turn the lights on, we'll wither, we'll turn to dust."
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