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Rand Paul: Try, Convict and Lock Up Terrorists In Guantanamo

Rand Paul: Try, Convict and Lock Up Terrorists In Guantanamo

Published on 19 November 2009 by admin in General News

For Immediate Release
November 19, 2009

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY – Leading United States Senate candidate Rand Paul today criticized the Obama administration’s decision to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center and try terrorism suspects in United States Civil Courts.

“Foreign terrorists do not deserve the protections of our Constitution,” said Dr. Paul. “These thugs should stand before military tribunals and be kept off American soil. I will always fight to keep Kentucky safe and that starts with cracking down on our enemies.”

Dr. Paul believes in strong national defense and thinks military spending should be our country’s top budget priority. He has also called for a Constitutional declaration of war with Afghanistan.


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I don't like this statement

I don't like this statement one bit. I was going to his website to donate $50, but after I read that statement, I decided it would be better if he didn't have my money. If he keeps up these statements, I want my money back.

Now, having said that, I have met Rand Paul several times, and I really like him. So I think/hope what is happening is that his strategists are trying to craft a message that will sound good. The problem is that the people are too smart for this sort of dishonest politics. If Rand tries to pander and flip flop around, he WILL lose.

You all have to understand,

You all have to understand, that Rand is running for a U.S. Senate seat in KENTUCKY, a very right wing pro-war, pro-military tribunal state. That is one of their biggest issues! I live right across the border in Tennessee and that is how people are here, especially who vote Republican, which most do. If he adopted the same polices as his dad on the civilian tribunal, that would probably ruin his chances of getting elected! You sometimes do have to pander to voters on what they like, why do you think politicians do it? Because most of the time it works! This comment doesn't mean he is going to follow through on this issue, he could just be pandering to get elected, but who knows? How do you think Bush and the Neo-cons got into power? He campaigned on a "humble foriegn policy" and criticized Gore for being a warmonger and various other failed polices like Somalia and Haiti, and guess what, Bush was elected! It just shows the the Neo-Cons would probably have not came into power if they campaigned with their hawkish ways on the national level. And this comment by Rand doesn't bother me anyway, becuase I am pretty confident he is playing the political game that usually gets politicians elected, which is pandering.

Pandering and Its Purpose.

Pandering is the cloak of secrets. Wishy, washy non-sense that will only hurt Rand (and the movement) in the long run. Honesty is Our Policy. If Rand is true to his word then he is lacking in the regard to the principles of liberty. I do hope it is a play on the hearts of the established few where the only redemption he can get out of this is to call upon the country to end the UN-Libertarian actions we have been taking on these people in Gitmo AFTER he is elected, but, as it is obvious, it will only hurt his credibility. That in of itself will only hurt the righteousness of the truth of his campaign. There is something more at work here, and i have yet to figure it out. Someone in OUR circle must confront him on this issue before someone else does.
~If your not having fun during a revolution, your not doing it right!~

~Good Night, And Good Luck~


Being percieved as anti military in Kentucky is the same as being seen as anti gun in Texas. You guys don't understand how conservative the state (Republicans) truly are. I mean the Southern Baptists Theological Seminary is in Kentucky. Rand is doing the best he can, and is having triple the success that Grayson is. But if you want to throw it all away over campaign strategy, so be it. Grayson won't mind, and neither will that Bush lackey Mitch McConnell. Way to cut your nose off to spite your face! All I'm saying is... think it through.

This is like 911 for Dr. Paul. Does he believe in false flag terror, Yes! Is he smart enough to not be seen as a 911 truth supporter in the public arena? You bet. Politics is a nasty buisness, it requires some compromise in speech if not action all the time. Besides actions speak louder than words...


We don't need any more deceptive politicians or those that have some tricky strategy for "winning".

His dad was always honest.

Triangulation's probably a better word

Like many I'm not a fan of triangulation but it is what it is. Listen to me...Rand's picked up a lot of support from people who three months ago I would never have DREAMED would be suppoting him at this point in the campaign. Trey and the Establishment rolled out this little divide and conquer strategy to do precisely what we're doing right now...bickering amongst ourselves.

I'm tired of it so I'm asking again: Are you in or are you out? If you're in, great! Rand Paul victory 5-18-2010. If not? Well, it was nice knowing ya.


This is how the progressives

This is how the progressives justified Obama's late campaign betrayals, and they were rewarded with even more of them when he was elected.

Having said that, the cynic in me agrees with you.

Ventura 2012

One Clear Example Why We Should All Be Aware of 9/11 Facts

Including Rand Paul.

Could this be a prank? Was his site hacked?


Ron Paul's Convention Speech

Ron Paul & C4L on Gitmo

Ron Paul: Shut it Down

"Shut it down. The current rationale at Guantanamo is based on the false premise that detainees are not entitled to due process protections. I support court decisions recognizing fundamental human rights, such as habeas corpus. Again, this is an issue that flies in the face of our civic and legal traditions as outlined in the Constitution. As such, I see no purpose for continuing the facility."



Ron Paul with the Judge - Close Guantanimo:



John Tate, Campaign for Liberty Sign on to Guantanamo Declaration


We, the undersigned, urge Congress and the President to support a policy for detention, treatment and trial of suspected terrorists that is consistent with U.S. treaty obligations and constitutional principles. As it moves to close Guantanamo and develop policies for handling terrorism suspects going forward, the government should rely upon our established, traditional system of justice. We are confident that the government can preserve national security without resorting to sweeping and radical departures from an American constitutional tradition that has served us effectively for over two centuries.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.



During a heated forum for U.S. Senate candidates Thursday at a Kentucky Association of Counties conference, Secretary of State Grayson criticized Bowling Green eye surgeon Paul for supporting President Obama's policy of closing the $200-million detention facility for terrorists at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Grayson's supporters distributed copies of a page on Paul's campaign Web site in May that said Paul "couldn't agree more" with a comment by U.S. Military Chief Mike Mullen that Guantanomo should be shut down.

Paul, the son of Republican U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, who ran unsuccessfully for president last year, responded that Grayson should learn how to read.

In a later interview, Paul said the Web site Grayson referred to did not accurately state his position on Guantanomo.

He said the comment attributed to him was on a Web site that two students had used to draft him as a candidate and that the information was not correct.

Paul also apologized for saying Grayson should learn how to read.

"I lost my temper," Paul said. "He was just saying things about me that were not true."

Later thursday, Paul's campaign posted a statement on his Web site that said he disagreed with the administration's decision to close the Guantanomo center and try terrorism suspects in U.S. civil courts.

Ok, I've decided to give

Ok, I've decided to give Rand the benefit of the doubt until he addresses this issue. It is highly probable that some John Tate-style neo-con with "political experience" that Rand hired butchered this press release "for Rand's own good".

Ventura 2012

Wow. I am about speechless.

Palin. This.
See, this is why truth matters. If you stand by the official 9-11 story, you have to stand by the boogeyman terrorist story, and you have to stand by the BS "war on terror."

If the Paul gentlemen do not stand for truth, it is soon going to bite them in the butt. Just my prediction.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Serious flaw in how Rand wants to apply the Constitution

it isn't "them" getting protection from the Constitution

it is the Constitution BINDING government from doing this to anybody.

Besides, even by using his limited understanding of the Constitution:


What about them?


try them in kangaroo courts??

yeah, ok. nice job missing the point on that one, paul.

Why are we fighting amongst

Why are we fighting amongst each other? He said he wants a constitutionally declared war, and if one was declared, then what he says would be ok (albeit I still think that Gitmo is evil)

Apparently Rand doesn't know that Gitmo is evil yet.

He needs to get a clue fast.

I'm sorry some of you are dissapointed

And if you want to bow out nothings stopping you. but there's plenty of us here in KY who understand what a treasure we have in Rand and that he's the best candidate we've had an opportunity to elect in a long...long...LONG TIME!

So KY DPers, I'm putting out the call. Are you in or do you fold? Do you stand pat or do you DOUBLE DOWN?

Me? I'm ALL IN and I guess I'll have to work that much harder to pick up the slack.

Who's with me?


Don't get discouraged by people here. Just keep fighting for Rand Paul in Kentucky.

You bet I will!

I am absolutely furious and I may get banned from DP tonight but so be it! Maybe I'm reading this whole conversation wrong but I've got this mental image in my mind of a bunch of little kids picking up their balls and going home because no one will play the way THEY want to play. Harsh? Yep...but only because I'm so mad and such an ardent supporter of Rand.

Fortunately the group of people I'm meeting with tomorrow are also ALL IN for Rand and we will be launching our area's ground campaign in a couple weeks. We've got a fantastic plan and have developed working relationships with a few prominent conservatives locally so I refuse to let this get me down. Oh no...the fight for Rand is just getting started and if all others fall away I will walk, knock, make phone calls and wave signs even harder than I had planned before.


Why would you compare us to little kids...

...for not going along with these monstrous, evil things?

I don't think most people feel they have to be in agreement with him on every single thing, but these things are a big deal to probably most of us here.

Surely you can understand why people are concerned.

I'm not in KY, but I am

I'm not in KY, but I am still in. Although I do not agree with this, I see why it was a good move on his part.

I can't read his mind, I do

I can't read his mind, I do not know what he actually thinks. But as other posters have said, saying otherwise could jeopardize his chances in a state that is pro-war.

this is our movement's

this is our movement's NUMBER ONE ISSUE. Its not the one to compromise on. Criminals get trials, enemy combatants during A WAR dont, but there is no war. Guantanimo violates the Geneva conventions. The rule of law is important.

Ventura 2012

I still don't agree with his

I still don't agree with his statement though.

He wants a declared war.

He wants a declared war.

right, but he didnt qualify

right, but he didnt qualify his statement with "if we declare war".

Ventura 2012

You are preaching to the

You are preaching to the choir.



Ventura 2012

WTF !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't like it, but I understand.

Kentucky is home to Fort Knox, and Ft. Campbell. It has a strong military support system... particularly in the Republican party. Maybe when he gets in, he can do something else. But in a closed GOP primary, this is a big deal.

If you don't want to support him over this position, that is your perogative, but this is a big deal in the state. People are inclined to support the military, more so in the rural areas than the two largest cities.