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To Pay or not to pay that is the question

Well... Just really came to understand and grasp how credit is created by banks... Craziness! so our signatue creates the money loaned to us and the banks do not put any collaterall up and collects billions off interest and Fees! Genius! But real F'd up..I'm pissed! these banks receive Billions in Bailouts and their CEO's and execs pay themselves millions in Bonuses and the Tax Payer is left with the Tab and still required to pay personal debt.... so we are hit in TWO ways.... Double Whammy! WTF? So do i pay these M'er F'ers off or not...? a simple yes or no would be helpful but ellaborate if you want... I believe in Personal Responsibility but this is something else... I really didn't borrow this money from anyone, its not like your hard work and labor was lent to me and i said screw you, this money was created out of thin air and the banks benifit from the interst...

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Im working on strategies

Im working on strategies currently that wipe credit clean, including foreclosures, I haven't considered bankruptcies.

there are options when you think outside the box and understand how it all works, the answer to credit agencies are in title 15.

What is in title 15?

Will that wipe your credit if you send a magic letter?

No credit is as bad as poor credit.


will you need credit in the future? A lot of employers check credit now, for instance, if you want to work in finance; charge offs and bankruptcies are just as bad as a felony. Do you plan on renting or buying anything ever again?

anyway, most credit is created out of thin air.

Mruiz comes to my red plastic cup store and says I would like to buy 10 red plastic cups but I can only pay for 5. Based on Mruiz's good name, I create the credit out of thin air, and give him 3 days to pay me, with a small fee for my terms.

There is nothing wrong with interest. I have a problem with the banks that got the bailouts, but if I had a loan with them, I would have to consider the future problems it will cause for me if I were to default based on a protest.

Are you at the end of your life without assets to will to your children or are you about to leave the country for the last time? If so, maybe you can buck the man.

For most people, ruining their credit will ruin their lives. Bankruptcies never go away, they might tell you after 10 years they do, they don't. They live on your credit report forever. Same thing with Charge offs. It may not affect your score after a certain amount of time, but it will never make it's way off your report.

Also, what if your dad is a BoA stockholder, and you start this trend of massive defaults, and it creates a run on the bank, which then causes the stock to bottom out, who did you screw? The CEO who has been paid millions over the years, or people like your dad

They make a lot more on the repayment of the principle

than they do on the interest. Learn about the fractional reserve system and you will really flip out. The interest is really just a decoy.

or not

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Bailout = Getting in bed with the government

Governments and other ruling organization have a long history of snuffing out certain companies of an industry before they get so big they can compete with the ruling organization (RO).

What the RO does is work out deals with some companies of the industry. Those that make deals with the RO get preferred treatment (monies, contract preferences, etc)...the others get oppressed. It has happened in the steel, railroad, apparrel material, fishing, military, agriculture industries...and recently the banking industry has fallen to this pseudo control of the government.

Why is MJ illegal? Cuz, a long time ago, the US RO determined made deals with cotton barons...and they both drove MJ underground.

YouTube Live Inc

Anyway, as stores pay "protection money" to the mafia, companies give the US RO monies and special deals.

Politicians love to say that the US is so great because it has never taken land in the wars that the US was victorious...well, that's because the US RO are worse that conquerors who took responsibility for the land they conquer. Again, as stores pay "protection money" to the mafia, these lands give the US RO monies and special deals...mostly special deals (e.g., labor, vacations, raw materials such as oil, etc.).

Obama is basically the world's Godfather.

THAT is just part of the big picture.

Now you are going through

Now you are going through what i did a few years ago. When you get your mind wrapped around this the natural conclusion is to stop "paying", however when you see this monetary policy for what it is, in the past you never have paid either......you paid a debt with a debt......

question: can a debt distinguish a debt? answer...NO!!! otherwise you could pay your bills with your bills? imagine sending your electric company your phone bill and telling them to keep the change, yet thats what we do with our federal reserve notes.

I dont think you should stop paying because if your just figuring this out, you have a lot more studying to do but are on the right track. when you stop they will discharge the debt and hire a third party debt collector to come after you. you can shut them down but you need to understand monetary policy and the fair debt collection practices act.
If it were me:
I would order a payoff, after i get the payoff, i would look to see if it had the disclaimer "this is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector" then i would use the fair debt collection to make the validate their claim, i also send the tax documents and ask them to fill them out so i can settle the case, they pretty much all go away and default. when you understand how it works its actually pretty easy.

Also do some reading about banking and the gaap principles, in basics, where ever a debt is, theres an offsetting asset. so anytime you get a debt, its evidence of a credit, since with a debt based currency the only thing you can ever do is offset the debt to get the books back to zero.

The courts work the same way, when they create orders.

Everything is about stealing peoples productive energy and its done through using this monetary policy as a diversion and people dont see there energy being sucked away more and more, every bill getting passed is about taking energy, thats what the bailout was, thats what health insurance bill is. get everyone to be the surety for the debt, however if they lay a debt on us and we claim the credit due on the account as our property and collapse the trust, its game over.....I hope more and more people start to understand this and start fighting the corrupt banking system and stop letting them steal your productive energy.

When you really get this, its makes you want to go get as many credit cards as you can and max them out, and then discharge them. After all it was always your money.

Im working on strategies of billing for consideration, lots of research but i should have some good answers soon.

You are in a small circle, very few people understand the monetary policy, even in the Ron Paul movement. Welcome to the peaceful revolution


We're in the same boat-I'm leaning towards telling them to F off.
Chase can kiss my arse.From what I've been reading it is illegal for them to loan CREDIT.
They bounced my rates from 8-9% to 26% with no fault of mine at all;allways on time;more than the minimum and they stuck it to me.Look up the thread I have xx,xxx amount of debt there is some good info from Julius and others on there.
You're gonna have to do a lot of reading up on the subject if you wanna beat them.Good Luck

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

I read that post before i posted....

couldn't get a clear concise answer... I know plenty of people who have told them to F' off and now the banks are calling them ready to settle for 40-75 % off of the Debt owed... I'm Torn..

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If you truly believe in Personal

Responsibility then you answered your own question.

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


You chose to play, so you should pay.

Now you're awake.

Just say no to thugs!