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Government Grants hurting competition

A local business in the rural county of Dallas in Missouri is getting an unfair advantage over competing businesses in Dallas county, MO. the county seat is a small city with lower income residents.

The US government gave a $250,000 grant to start a business in this community. The City has already has businesses of similar type. How can area business compete with a new incoming business that has received a quarter million dollar government grant? They can't. There isn't enough business to be able to support the 3 similar businesses in this rural community.

The government grant to start a new business in competition with the existing business will cause the orginal ones in operation to close down. How will they be able to operate against a business who is being fully funded by the US government. The government did no research to see how this grant would affect community business.

Furthermore our tax dollars should not be used to give any grants. In accordance with the constitution giving grants is not the responsibility of the government.

How many businesses in the United States is being jeopardized by unfair competition by the interference of the government?

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