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2011: Obama's Coup Fails

“2011: Obama's coup fails”. That's the name of a new controversial American computer game. It is an online browser multi-player action game, depicting the US President triggering the collapse of the country. In the scenario, Obama's policies lead to public outrage and a revolution. . . .

Michael is one of Obama’s harshest critics. "He is purposely destroying the economy of the United States,” says Michael. “The policies that he is enacting, it's a guarantee of destroying us.”

This entire attitude is put in “2011: Obama’s coup fails”. Raids, skirmishes, assaults, hacker attacks and riots are at a player’s disposal as they try to win the game by fighting Obama and his troops."

Read more: http://www.russiatoday.com/Top_News/2009-11-19/online-game-a...

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