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Paul / Dobbs in 2012

can someone contact Dobbs and have a "sit down" with him if you know what I mean?


The guy has been on CNN forever. People think he is pretty balanced. If they are going to go after him they will attack the illegal immigrant thing...that's pretty much it.

Independents would vote for this ticket.

The media would have a hard time ignoring this ticket.

Can anyone make a meeting happen? or at least make this idea a docket item to discuss with Ron Paul?

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I believe Dobbs is bought and paid for

I think he got a better offer somewhere doing something else. He would be a worthless politician anyway. He was as forked tounged as anyone else is on the hill, and obviously a spineless coward but perhaps a good actor if anything. Not to mention he always said a lot of things in line with RP yet never acknowledged Ron Paul. He's a puss. Untrustable.

Why? He's famous, but are

Why? He's famous, but are there any indication that he agrees with small government principles? For some reason, I always thought he was an anti free trade protectionist. I know him and Paul tend to reach much the same practical conclusions on immigration, but other than that, I simply don't see why how they fit together. Dobbs / Buchanan, or more likely Dobbs / Palin I can totally see, but Dobbs / Paul?

I'd much rather see Paul team up with Gary Johnson as a VP, as he's both younger than Dobbs (Which will matter, as RP will be old), and the two are much more consistently ideologically aligned. The two fill each other out in other ways as well, with RP being the sometimes principled almost to a fault philosopher/ideologue, and Johnson more of a "freedom works, so let's go do it" pragmatist. And, to top it off, they can go running and biking together. I somehow doubt Dobbs could keep up with either :)

I think Lou is more in line

I think Lou is more in line with Pat Buchanan politically speaking. That said, it still seems that Lou and Paul would agree on a lot of things(and he was polite and respectful to Ron Paul when he interviewed him on the Lou Dobbs show on CNN), such as no north american union, no amnesty for illegal aliens, no nafta superhighway, protecting 2nd amendment rights, etc.

how does one pick a vp

before they win a primary?

Ron Paul better get the buzz going

If he is going to run again. I hope he makes it pretty clear who his preferences of running mates would be to the public right off the bat. The media could not ignore the Dobbs angle and it would give a certain percentage of the population warm fuzzy feelings about Ron Paul even if they have never heard of him before - which surprisingly enough is a bigger percentage of the population than anyone here on the DP would care to admit.

The party rules are a whole different scene I'm sure. And quite frankly the party is why Ron Paul really got screwed. Yeah the media screwed him too...but the what the heck?! not even inviting him to the RNC? good Lord. But then again they didn't have anyone of note there either...you know because of the Hurricane and all.

BUT they did have a THE BIGGEST FLAT SCREEN TELEVISION IN THE WORLD!!!!!! woo hooo!!!!! again I say, Good Lord.

I think speculating is great

but most would see him picking a running mate before he won the primary as obscene.

I'm all 'bout the buzz

Let's get it going.