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Ron Paul Being Censored In Telephone Polls

WARNING: Contains some graphic language

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This is

This is infuriating!

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Polls Are Accurate

I hope we are now going to spend all our time saying polls are inaccurate. We need to get on the ground and work for Ron Paul. I give kudos to the nationwide canvassing kickoff and all the people working in NH and Iowa. We are greatful for every single person who is going to work for Ron Paul in Iowa, NH, and SC. We are wasting are time saying Ron is not being mentioned in opinion polls. The bottom line is that he needs to focus on the real war against terrorism, Iraq withdrawal, lower taxes, educational & health care freedom. I am going to a meeting for Ron Paul tommorrow and I urge others do go and campaign tommorrow as well.


i mentioned before i saw the video because it happened to me. im glad someone got it recorded though. nice work.

i don't even get called

I wish I could witness this injustice for myself. Are polls made by these private firms the ones that the major news media reports when they cite the percentages as a reference? They certainly don't use their own polls...
if they did they would have to say RON PAUL!!!!!!
I wouldn't doubt if they just used whatever poll is most strategic in achieving their agenda.

reliable polling

RP supporters should design and sponsor their own polling in Iowa and NH ASAP. This way we will get a better idea where we are.
It is not expesive or difficult to do.
Maybe the people that did the blimp can do polling also.

I called IFC and talked to Heather!!

She admitted that Dr. Paul was not included as they are a PRIVATE firm who "chose" not to include him!!!!

She said they are "looking into" why selecting OTHER gets you taken off their list!!

The guy that made this video gets BIG PROPS FROM ME!!!! Well done!!!

BTW the phone number for IFC is on the comments of this video at youtube.com

I called em and told em I got one of the calls personally... and WHY???? did it behave like it did....

She was pretty nice... and if you call the number you have to get through a secretary first..... ask for the person in charge of the phone polling in Iowa

She did say she had had a few calls about it already... but apparently not so many as to quit putting people through yet!!!

Love the video! It helps to

Love the video! It helps to explain why Dr. Paul is polling so low.

Omitting Ron Paul from the phone polling in NH?

Go to the Drudge Report and type something about this in the suggestion area. Get this news out there! Get this out there as much as possible!

How about a graphic lanuage

How about a graphic lanuage warning!?!? Many people may watch this at home with thier young children in the room. He could say FU 3 or 4 times before you could get to the volume.

With that said, these phone polls are a shame. It's crazy that liberty has to stuggle so much to survive.


Yes, please a language warning

I just played this with my 3 and 2 year olds in the room. Oops!

A good video, though.

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Iowa and NH are about say it too

And when he wakes up on January 6th and reads his morning newspaper, what will Frank Luntz see?

A big middle finder directed right at him from the people of Iowa and New Hampshire.


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SHE STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN - Michael Savage in reference to Dianne Fienstein

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That is true, because someone called

my friend who likes Hillary. The people on the phone listed the candidates, but did not include Ron Paul. No wonder he is not showing on the national polls.


hey, how's about for us people with old technology

and it takes 1 hour to download 5 minutes of video... giving us a brief summary of what this video says/is about?
take care/not offense.


The video is a recording of a touch-tone telephone poll:

A recorded voice ways "Press one for John McCain. Press two for Rudy Giuliani. Press three for Fred Thompson. Press four for Mitt Romney. Press five for Mike Huckabee. Press six for other or none of the above. Press seven to no longer receive these types of calls."

Six is pressed, and a recorded voice ways "Thank you. The number we contacted you on will be removed from any future messaging lists. We apologize for any inconvenience this call may have caused. Goodbye."

End result, if you want to vote for someone other than the five candidates listed, they'll never call you again.

(click here to download a 560KB wav file of the audio)

How can you survive online anymore?

Wow, that must be so frustrating. I just couldn't handle such a slow connection.

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