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Main Stream Media Censorship of Dr. Paul HELP!!

I am very upset at the moment. There is currently a concerted effort to censor Dr. Paul's supporter's comments on ABC news going on. Please act NOW!

Call 212-456-2700 and ask to be connected with "dot com". Talk to the gentleman there about it. Voice your concerns over the fact that Dr. Paul was missing from their recent online poll and most importantly that they are removing comments from their online comment section.

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Here is some more information on it and Digg Links:

Some Proof:

Other contact details for ABC (lack of) News:
ABC News Headquarters
Address 147 Columbus Ave New York, NY 10023
Tel 212-456-1000 (DC Bureau 202-222-7777)
Fax 212-456-5962
ABC News Washington Bureau
Address 1717 DeSales St NW, Washington DC 20036
Tel 202-222-7300
Fax 202-222-7684
DC Bureau Chief Robin Sproul 202-222-7200
World News Tonight with Peter Jennings
Tel 212-456-4040
Fax 212-456-2795
Anchor Peter Jennings 212-456-4025
Executive Producer Paul Friedman

Address 1717 DeSales St NW, Washington DC 20036
Tel 202-222-7000
Fax 202-222-7976
Anchor Ted Koppel 202-222-7364
Executive Producer Tom Bettag

Address 147 Columbus Ave, New York NY 10023
Tel 212-456-2020
Fax 212-456-0533/1470
Anchors Barbara Walters
212-456-7050 , Sam Donaldson ,

Good Morning America
Address 147 Columbus Ave, New York NY 10023
Tel 212-456-5900
Fax 212-456-7257/7290
Anchors Charles Gibson ,
Diane Sawyer

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I don't think we should take

I don't think we should take polls like ABC's to really mean anything. They have so few voters, most of the votes for Dr. Paul just come from us. I'd take MSNBC's as being more realistic, at least amung the voters that watched the debate and bothered to vote on the internet. Dr. Paul is undoubtably going to have more supporters on the internet than anywhere else, so I wouldn't get your hopes up that your average voter (who probably doesn't even watch the debates) is going to support him... yet.

RP Forum

I now regularly e-mail the MSM to point out their blatant blackouts and pathetic reporting skills, or lack thereof.

I am a firm believer that Ron needs his own dedicated Forum where there would be dedicated areas for this concern as well as many others.

Volunteer mods could eliminate the shill/spam problems found on youtube, etc.

A grassroots video section, a newbie section, a platform section, a Bill of Rights/Costitution eductaion section, voter registration drives section, t-shirt/yard sign/button/bumper sticker section, latest articles, news, MSM Blackout Award e-mail target, etc., etc.

The sooner it's set up, the larger it will grow by Primary time, and the more it will become a story in itself to be reported on.


ABC Rolls Over, Adds Ron Paul

This is fantastic!!

Not only does Ron win the debate hadns down according to most polls (except Drudge's), ABC even bows to our pressure and adds him.

Assuming the 86+ percent result they now show is valid, can you imagine how scared they are now?? I really want to see future, general poll results that are not related to the debate. Are they going to whitewash them? Are they going to post the results but ignore him in their commentaries?

As long as we keep this kind of pressure on, they eventually HAVE TO start reporting about Ron and mentioning him in their commentaries, or they lose all credibility and all their ratings. The slumbering giant that is America has woken up from his bromide-induced sleep. The press is running scared. They have no script for this.

A tip: To help you in talking to your friends who still haven't heard about TRon yet, print out this 'slightly enhanced' version of the C-SPAN poll and laminate it.

Alex Wallenwein
The Ron Paul Underground (Google it!)

Alex Wallenwein

Link needs fixing

The link to the ABC poll page is wrong. The following one works for me:

The numbers are hard to be believe (87% ???), so there may still be something wrong there.

I suggest treading carefully using these polls. There's a lot of incompetence out there, and maybe some fudging, too.

But there isn't any doubt that Dr Paul made a big splash!


Poll wiki is gone? new Newsmax poll

I tried to get to the poll wiki to add this (if it wasn't already there), but seems to be down. The poll wiki is our best online tool, IMO. Is this a temporary outage, or is something really wrong here?
If so, we need a new one fast.

Sam Marsh

I've spoken to the administrator/moderator of and he is aware of the problem. He frequents our IRC channel #RonPaul on FreeNode (instructions for joining: so feel free to drop in and chat with him. He goes by the nickname MIke11. He did inform me that he did make a backup posting here: Cheers,

Dr. Paul in 2008!! :)

Dr. Ron Paul to save America in 2008!!
co-founder / co-operator of the #RonPaul IRC channels on
Freenode, EFnet, OFTC, Undernet, & Solitox.

Just called...

The guy told me that he is now on the Poll.

Vote for FREEDOM!


ABC has replaced the poll at the poll URL and added Ron Paul. This is better late than never.

However, Ron Paul is not on their Election 2008 Candidate Guide at .

This can be navigated by browsing , clicking '08 Campaign, and then clicking See Who's in the Running for 2008.

If you or write ABC about the comment deletions or the candidate guide, please be sure to thank them for adding Paul to the post-debate poll.

ABC is really on the

Their 2008 Political Players only has 7 of the 10 candidates and they have Newt on there.
With all their screw ups, I'm starting to suspect that ABC News in run by the government.


It is unbelievable to think that even the corporates are so brainwashed that they think they will lose if a popular candidate such as Ron Paul gets elected. If people get to keep all their money (one thing RP wants to do is eliminate IRS), it will give everyone the incentive to work more, by keeping all the money people will be more in control, thus happier, thus more productive. That means corporations will benefit too not just the people. It is very immature and middle-ages thinking to believe that you have to suppress people to maintain profits. We live in the 21st century, people are a bit more advanced. Give people the freedom to prosper and they will give you the best of themselves in return. Wake up corporate america, smell the coffee. Above all, stop censoring candidates that are popular, this isnt supposed to be a country that censors, like North Korea, China etc. Just what has happened to U.S?

Pajamas is in play again!

We're about 50 votes shy of winning again at pajamasmedia.
yes, they are gatekeepers, but let's show them up yet again. This will be the first victory here since the official announcement of Dr. Paul's candidacy.

Sam Marsh