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Re: UCLA Student Protests.....THEY ARE IN THE RIGHT!

*This post is sort of in response to the "UCLA Students Riot" post. I was inspired by all the knee-jerk "liberal students" bashing in that thread.

Young people, and through them ,our nation's future, are the victims in this whole debacle in higher education. The only winners are the socialists.

1. Subsidize college so that costs go through the roof, even though just about anyone including the poor could put themselves through school with minimal borrowing at the time when subsidies were enacted.

2. Academia, traditionally liberal, is subsidized, leading to more students getting more indoctrination from more entrenched socialist educators.

1 + 2 = More students graduate with degrees, making a college degree worth less while costing more because of skyrocketing tuitions. Students are brainwashed from left-wing slant in college. Entrenched Academia, entrusted with research in social and physical sciences, is beholden to the leftists that keep the money flowing from subsidized loans.

The students at UCLA are right to protest. They are the victims. In this situation, tuition freezes are entirely justified(as long as they are met with corresponding budget cuts).

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You got one thing wrong

Re #1, the skyrocketing costs of tuition required more loans to be given out, thus keeping more graduates sucking at the gubmit teet long after their college days had ended. Then factor in the loss of manufacturing jobs, the demise of the mom and pop business, factory farming killing small farms, etc., and you get a job market where a degree is nearly always a necessity just to achieve an average standard of living (even though the degree was likely acquired by regurgitating a bunch of gubmit BS about how great this system is...)

It's time to break that vicious circle, and YAF is making a nice start at it, IHMO. Students aren't stupid, they are starting to see through the scam.

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