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SHOTGUN NEWS Full Page Ad! Please Donate

I have booked a full-page B&W ad for the January 20th, perfect-bound edition of SHOTGUN NEWS Magazine. SHOTGUN NEWS is one of the most widely read gun publications in the nation. This particular issue will also be distributed by the thousands at the annual SHOT SHOW (The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference). Gun-Owners are a huge demographic that can completely change the outcome of an election.

DONATE HERE: http://gunads.chipin.com/advertisements-in-gun-magazines

Here is the ad: http://upshizzle.com/pfiles/9312/screenshot%20FINAL.JPG

The ad was designed by Linda Lagana (famous for the mosaic ad) and myself.

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Looks like they've made the goal of $1700. Great ad!
See Ron at www.patriotsquestion911.com



This ad will be a nice compliment to a color ad, placed in Jan 1, Jan 20 and Feb 10, 2008 issues by the '2nd Amendment Friends for Ron Paul'.

EVERYONE is getting on the bandwagon!

Based on Dr. Paul's "Project Freedom", we created a print advertisement that will spotlight his views. The reason we chose a 2nd Amendment theme is because, if you remember back to the 2000 George Bush election, it was the Pro-2nd Amendment voters who carried him into office. Appropriately, it was these same voters who carried the Republicans into Congress in the 1994 mid-term elections. That group has grown significantly in numbers over the past seven years, and they can NOT be overlooked. We believe that we can count on this segment of voters to know a Pro-2nd Amendment-friendly candidate when confronted with one, and those voters will follow thru with that recognition all the way to the ballot box.


~~~~~~ PERSONAL SIGNATURE ~~~~~~~~~~
"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." ~~ JOHN QUINCY ADAMS ~~

~~~~~~ PERSONAL SIGNATURE ~~~~~~~~~~
"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." ~~ JOHN QUINCY ADAMS ~~

Are you sure you got your facts right?


Attend a Church of your choice this Saturday.
G_d bless

Attend a Church of your choice this Saturday.
G_d bless

Nice catch.

Hopefully he can change it to leading GOP presidential candidate.

Great Idea

Since you have already raised all the money how about you add another day?
Do they publish again before super Tuesday?

Excellent Ad!

And don't forget to pledge for the RON PAUL TANK!

Who is Ron Paul? I am Ron Paul! We are Ron Paul!
"Fire Team for Freedom" on RonPaulRadio.com
Mondays and Wednesdays 10pm EST
or visit www.mikeandjake.com

"Fire Team for Freedom"
visit www.mikeandjake.com

Good Idea

If you've never heard of Shotgun News, it's not that surprising, because it is more for the hardcore collectors and shooters. Not dissing the person who made the comment. It's just that shotgun news targets FFL holders (people who can directly order guns from a catalog). It has a heavy focus on what the MSM have dubbed "Assault Weapons" and "Black Rifles" it even has a number of ads directed towards Class 3 license holders (people who can legally buy automatic weapons).

The readership is the hardcore second amendment base. The ones who think they should be able to own an RPG, which you can today but with reams of paperwork involved.

These people would love Ron Paul's stance on the Second Amendment. Some of them may already be Ron Paul fans. Vin Supyrowicz (spelling?) writes a regular column called "The Libertarian", and the label truely fits.

It's a great target audience, and they are not used to having a politician who they see as being on their side.

And Jan 20 is not late, it's still a full two weeks before super Tuesday. Ron Paul is running in more than just the early four states.


RPG's...If only they weren't ban from import and didn't cost so much when you find one. Just the projectiles run in the $2500 a piece + $200 ATF tax range if you can even find them. I'd like to see a heavily armed populace. Everything that would be considered "defensive" or CQC. But most everyone who is in the NFA community just wants the 86' machine gun ban repealed. Even though they would lose a ton on their investments. Most are OK with the tax and the paperwork.

Never heard of it

That's funny, I've heard of all sorts of other gun mags, but never this one.

Jan 20th?

Isn't that a little late?

Nice Ad.

Nice Ad.

Is this set up as a PAC?

Is this set up as a PAC? How are payments for the ad structured? I know that the Ron Paul Blimp avoided setting up a PAC because when you donate to one, it reduces the amount you're allowed to donate directly to the Ron Paul campaign and because there is a mountain of paperwork required. If you're are a PAC, are you doing this paperwork? Not trying to discourage you, thanks for trying to put something together. More information please. :)

Ad is right on target

Very nicely done ad. I just chipped in myself.

Nice Ad

Good work on the nice ad.

Please, please, tell

Please, please, tell something about yourself, who's collecting that money, contact, phone, etc. so people would not think that it's a scam.
On paypal.com we can find only email address.

Here, here!...It would be

Here, here!...It would be hard to find a better publication to reach the gun crowd than Shotgun News. Good choice!

ok - gave you a few bucks

now, I'll look forward to seeing the ad when it comes out since I am a subscriber to SGN.

Nice ad

Good publication... I pick it up from time to time at the sports shop!

One comment... I was thinking.. as I was looking at it... they need to remind people they have to be republican... THEN I saw it there at the bottom...

But that is SO CRUCIAL that and actually VOTING....

Good ad...

I'll kick ya a few bucks to get it up!!


gun advertisement

It'll all be over by January 20.2208, one way or the other.

No one should ever forget how shabally Beck treated Dr. Paul during the Presidential campaign or the conscienceless shillin he did for his fellow Mormon, Romney. As for Murdock, he was relentless in having Hannity O'Reilly constantly savage Dr. Paul so th