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Good Morning Gold! $1182

Checked in and saw $1180.00 this morning.

What is even more alarming is the huge slide the dollar took. It looks to have lost about a whole basis point and now is threatning to dip below 74 after dancing on the 75 barrier for a week or two....

I think I will be saving that extra drumstick in the freezer . I will probably need it.


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I need to buy another coin or two.

do you guys think it will dip down to 1100 or so? Im thinking not

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Just hit $1182 at about 8:20 AM EST


I added the price to your title dex, hope you don't mind. Take it off if you want. I believe that is a new high.

Thanks Big Mike

For Freedom!

For Freedom!
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This could be a currency crisis

or a hyperinflationary depression.
Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace