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University students asked to lose weight before they can graduate!

Very good rule before obtaining a college degree. Too fat to graduate? That would certainly discourage bad eating habits, especially while driving, dancing or standing-up!

Lincoln University students now have one more hurdle to pass before they graduate: losing weight. According to a recently instituted requirement, university students with a body mass index (BMI) over 30 will have to take a physical education class in order to receive their diploma.

The program "Fitness for Life" began in 2006, but this is the first year the effects will be felt. This spring, the new requirement will keep over two dozen students -- all black -- from graduating.

The new rule has been criticized around the blogosphere, and has not been well received by the student body.

"What's the point of this? What does my BMI have to do with my academic overcome?" asked Dionard Henderson, a freshman. "Some students on campus are just confused why a certain BMI has to be a requirement. Are there not a sufficient amount of prerequisites to complete prior to graduating from college?
Congress and or state legislatures needed to pass a law like this long time ago in order to extremely reduce obesity in the United States. It is no doubt that obesity cuts into one's activities and productions. That causes a lot of embarrassment too.

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I figure if a private

I figure if a private college wants to require this then so be it. They may lose students over it but as long as it isn't a mandatory requirement enforced by the government it bothers me not.

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They should also require a BMI

for professors and all staff at this university, would it not be fair? Consider this: being told you need to lose weight to graduate by an overweight professor?

How much will this decrease there enrollment rate?

All black? gee whiz. At a HBCU, who'd a thunk it.

They had ample warning. I thought physical education was a requirement most places anyway. I took kayaking 101, good times.

Do they have a BMI requirement for paying tuition?

Nope, the sh!thole college gleefully takes money from students without any such requirements.

Yea!!!!! You may be right,

Yea!!!!! You may be right, but remember OBESITY---this thing as a major problem in America makes people lazy, unsocialized, and sometimes they carry bad body smells. Let's face the reality folks.

Untrue. I was more productive when obese.

Loyal to my job, I prioritized work over taking the time to prepare meals, exercise, and destress. Further, I drank and ate rich food in order to socialize with my co-workers and "superiors". Further, I strained my marriage and other non-work relationships. And so on.

After a few years of that, I was obese, in debt, and barely had a life outside work. But the point is that I was at my most productive when I was the most overweight. I easily out-produced leaner co-workers.

Instead of working my ass off...I worked my ass on.

Then in 2006 something switched in me...and I re-prioritized my life and changed all that. I improved my health, wealth, etc., but in return I became less productive on the job. I simply lost confidence in others in corporate America...I don't care as much, thus, I don't work as hard.

The stinkiest people I have ever noticed

have been athletic men and women and men and women who really work hard, especially on farms. People who are obese are usually less active and I have never noticed any kind of smell. I don't know where that idea was hatched.

The students should not be allowed into the school if that is what they want, but once in, they should definitely be allowed to graduate.

You haven't been around obese people when they ripen

People who are obese long enough change/damage their digestive system to the point their farts are horrific. The farts linger around for an hour. And it sticks to their clothes like cigarette smoke.

Yeah, that's it, it's like they are smoking indoors.

Plus, fat contains toxins so when obese people sweat (which is much more often than others), they stink more.