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Republicans unveil contract with Colorado


"Instead, Mr. McInnis won the endorsement of Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, who withdrew his candidacy for the GOP gubernatorial nomination earlier this month. Mr. McInnis also received the support of former Rep. Tom Tancredo, who was inches away from entering the race after Mr. Penry pulled out."

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The first question Republican gubernatorial candidate got

Scott McInnis promises to crack down on abuse of ‘medically necessary’ marijuana

The first question Republican gubernatorial candidate got last week in Edwards, the first stop on his statewide tour, was about the medical pot stores that are popping up around the state and are being advertised in community newspapers.

At almost every stop last week,

the question was repeated.

McInnis at first wondered whether many people would buy pot. “Are there that many people out there that will use it?” he asked.

“I did not support” the referendum that made pot legal in Colorado when prescribed by a physician, he noted. Under Federal law, selling and buying pot is illegal, he stressed.

And he predicted that a few physicians and most potheads would abuse the law. “We will see wide abuse shortly,” he said.

If elected governor, McInnis promised time and again, that he would crack down on the abuse.

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Penry would have been alot

Penry would have been alot better. He spoke at alot of the anti-tax rallies but apparently he lacks the spine to take on the establishment GOP.

Thanks for the input

I was wondering if anything good was going to come out of this.