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The Laboratory of the States Platform

The 2010 election cycle is rapidly approaching. It's extremely important that each of us ‘register' (Rep or Dem) and attend our local precinct caucus. Register as the party not currently in office with the US House of Representatives from your District. Contact your county recorder for a precinct map of your county. Find at least one person in each precinct in your county who supports the Laboratory of the States Platform and who is willing to lead that precinct.

Laboratory of the States Platform:

  1. Bring all troops home and make the top priority of the Federal government to protect US territory from trespass.
  2. Only one Federal tax: 5%/year on land value. No filing. Individuals own first $80,000 of land value tax-free.
  3. Turn over all Federal programs to the States, with funds apportioned by number of adult citizens.

The objective is to control the US House of Representatives in the next election cycle.

Send this to everyone you know.

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