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Michael Scheuer on trials in New York

Mike sent this to me today.....

Terror trials in New York -- A disaster if they occur

The Obama administration’s decision to try Khalid Shaykh Muhammad (KSM) and his four colleagues again underscores the almost pathetic incompetence of the U.S. governing elite and its genuine unconcern for U.S. national security. How so?

--At the most basic level, the New York City trial will not be a genuine trial -- it simply will be the vehicle of sure-fire convictions. There is no way these men can be released even if they are acquitted on grounds of either a lack of court-quality evidence or some legal technicality. KSM and the others did what they are accused of doing, and they want freedom to go back to their vocation of waging war to drive the United States out of the Muslim world. Therefore, the men must remain in U.S., possibly forever. What Americans and the world will see in New York, then, is an exercise in political expediency staged in a courtroom, not a fair trial.

--This point leads to the most recent lunatic statement by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) that the New York trials will show the world -- especially the Muslim world -- that the U.S. judicial system is impartial and should be the envy of all people. Leahy is blowing smoke. The only way the effete/Pacifist Europeans and the world’s Muslims will see the U.S. judicial system as fair is if KSM and his colleagues are acquitted and walk away free. Otherwise, the human-rights-crazed Europeans and all Muslims -- moderate, conservative, and Islamist -- will see through Obama’s judicial charade for what it is, a show trial that, especially for the Islamic world, will demonstrate the U.S. government hates Muslims. Indeed, Obama and Holder have already set the stage for this disaster by saying, in essence, that the accused will be tried, convicted, and executed.

--Next, the trials will give KSM and company a platform -- hosted by any number of anti-U.S. or pro-Obama media organizations -- from which to speak to the Muslim world about the horrors of Guantanamo, the glories of jihad, the effective and inspirational leadership of Osama bin Laden; and the anti-Muslim nature of U.S. foreign policy. The accused have been trained by al-Qaeda to wage jihad against the United States either on the battlefield or from prison and the court room, and they are unlikely to forego this opportunity. During the trial they will also express thanks to Allah for exposing the anti-Islamic U.S. judicial system and for allowing them to embrace martyrdom at its hands. The odds are that, when convicted, KSM and his colleagues will go to their deaths calmly and as men, thereby becoming Islamist icons that will inspire and radicalize young Muslims around the world -- and especially in the United States -- to join the jihad and wage war on America.

--In terms of U.S. national security, the New York trials will yield a wealth of intelligence information -- both substantive data and details about CIA and FBI sources and methods -- to our Islamist enemies. This is an unnecessary and self-inflicted wound on America by the Obama administration. As noted, KSM and his colleagues are guilty of waging war against the United States; they should be held as prisoners of war until we decide that war is over -- which may well never occur. But that will not happen, U.S. intelligence data will be disclosed, and KSM and the others will make untrue charges about the “torture” they suffered at Guantanamo Bay. This, in turn, will be used by the ACLU, much of the U.S. media, the Democratic left, and most of Europe to further rip the guts out of the CIA and the U.S. Intelligence Community, thereby further undermining U.S. security. [NB: Could it be that the trials are meant to facilitate the last mentioned activity? It is, I think, interesting that the ACLU has not done much to oppose Obama’s health-care plan, although it is a massive and perhaps unprecedented federal attack on the autonomy of individuals and their privacy -- normally the ACLU‘s meat and potatoes. Could it be that the White House has made a deal with ACLU leaders -- who are said to have basically unfettered access to Obama and his team -- in which Obama throws the CIA and the Intelligence community to the wolves of the ACLU and its allies in return for the ACLU pulling its punches vis-à-vis the health-care debate?]

-In sum, the coming New York trials will be a national-security disaster for the United States if they occur. I say “if” because there is still a chance that the trial plans may be scrapped. Why? Because unless the trial judge gags KSM, et. al, Americans will receive an outstanding and irrefutable education from these men about their own and al-Qaeda’s motivation to wage jihad against the United States. If KSM and company are allowed to speak, all of America will learn that our Islamist enemies are motivated by Washington’s relentlessly interventionist foreign policy. They will learn that U.S. support for Arab tyrants, its slavish support for Israel, and its alliance with Muslim killers in Russia, China, and India motivates the mujahedin. They also will learn that women in the work place, liberty, elections, and beer after work are not even on the Islamists’ radar as agents of motivation. Such testimony would display to all voters that the U.S. bipartisan governing elite has been deceiving them about the cause of anti-U.S. Islamist attacks for at least the last 35 years. It would also identify the U.S.-Israel relationship as being a major engine of anti-U.S. hatred in the Muslim world. Can our elite, Israel, and Israel-First U.S. citizens permit such a public truth-telling? We shall see.

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Sadly, I don't think the

Sadly, I don't think the majority of Americans are bright enough to understand any revelations that may come out in the trial. Or if they do have the mental capacity to understand, they are staring into the tube and asleep to the world. They will blindly accept that justice is being done and will see it as injustice if he's not convicted, regardless of any evidence.

Personally, I think they will use this trial as a public lynching to try to instill fear into those of us who disagree with the government. The moral of the story will be that you can't speak out against the government or you will be considered a terrorist. This is what will happen to you.

Holding a civil trial in NY is an excellent way to stir up emotions and cause people to once again watch their neighbors closely. Its a game to divide us even further, I believe. They will paint it as patriotic as possible with the whole God Bless the USA and how dare you disrupt our lives, so that anyone who doesn't agree with the way the government holds the trial, and its subsequent publicity, will be a dissenter and a terrorist sympathizer. A government dissenter, as we all know thanks to the MIAC report, is now considered a terrorist.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

it is unclear what his view

it is unclear what his view point is ... whether he is speaking sarcastically or not ... America needs to realize that its interventionist foreign policy is the reason why we radicalized foreigners to come and kill us ...

so wait ... should be pretend that because someone is accused they are guilty or should we try them? this article is a bunch of crap .. sorry

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

One needs to understand

One needs to understand Schuerer to grasp the intent of the article. Schuerer is a non-politician, intelligence expert who worked for the CIA and was head of its "bin Laden Unit" prior to 9/11.

His primary motivation in everything he writes and says publically is to protect the United States from danger and attacks. He has stated often and clearly that policy decision are in the hands of our elected officials, but he complains about their ineptitude in dealing with Islam. His case is thus:
- the Islamist are attacking us because of our foreign policy
- our government lies to us when it claims the Islamist are motivated by hatred of our "way of life, wealth or democratic system". He calls this a complete fabrication.
- He wants the American people to know the truth so they can decide for themselves whether they wish to keep electing people as ignorant of the Islamist as Obama and Bush.
- If the American people understand what motivates bin Laden, yet still wish to continue our current policies of supporting Israel, and Arab police states to get cheap oil, then the US government needs to do whatever it takes to protect the country while pursuing these policies.

Schuerer makes no statements about whether those policies are good or bad, only that the American people need to be informed of the truth concerning them. I think this attitude is a plus when those of us in the movement site him as a resource. His reputation as a staunch defender of American security makes him tolerable to my friends and family who are still asleep. In fact, it was in referring several of them to Schuerer's books that converted at least 3 hardcore neo-cons I know.

hmm well the statement i

hmm well the statement i made was in reference to him saying that KSM is guilty by accusation and that a trial would only give the american people the truth ... but he seems to be arguing against a trial here

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

He is arguing against the

He is arguing against the trial because our foreign policy remains as is. And as such, the trial will pose serious security risks. Granted, the trial may help shine a light on what truly motivates the Sunni Muslims who declared war, but it will also insight greater numbers of Sunni young people to join bin Laden's jihad. That is the only reason Schuerer opposes the trial as planned. He thinks it is a security issue, not a political issue.
Please understand, I'm not trying to defend the man's seeming duplicity. I'm just attempting to explain what makes him tic.

further rip the guts out of the CIA ?

How is that not a good thing ?

It seems that the U.S. intelligence agencies could use a reboot so they would be working in the interests of the people again, and have some accountability.

But don't forget

Michael Scheuer is a former CIA agent and the head of the bin Laden unit. He's also the guy who stood up for Dr. Paul when Rudy lambasted him during the debates about what caused 9-11.

Right! Are CIA Agents not sworn to defend the Constitution?

They should be attacking the domestic terrorists that are violating the Constitution the greatest by violating all American's rights - that would be the corrupt politicians and the president, who are also ironically sworn to defend the Constitution.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

New York or Tribunal?

Why would trying them using a military tribunal be worse than trying them in New York?


It will be a disaster because it will show to the world that our legal system is a sham? Or did I miss his point?

He seems...

..to be concerned mostly about our security and how the whole thing will just be a circus. Obama has already stated that they will be convicted, so....why the farce? Just my take.