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U.S. Versus China GDP - Google Charts

An interesting chart. You can select any country you want to compare. I started it off with the U.S. versus China.


Important note:

"GDP in current U.S. dollars. Not adjusted for inflation."

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Call me stupid

But why does the U.S. look so good? It is because of the not being adjusted for inflation? Sometimes I just don't get it. I clicked on a lot of the countries and they are either close to the bottom or not too far above.


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Well, the U.S. has been dominant, but it's being squandered now.

It's also based on dollars, which as you know is becoming one of the most inflated major currencies.

Look at how fast China is rising. The U.S. could end up like Japan with China nearly surpassing us in a matter of years if we don't change things soon.

What's interesting is to add in the World GDP - whomever runs the world must be happy, production is dramatically increasing worldwide:


...or maybe it's just a dramatic inflation of U.S. Dollars.

I would like to see a GDP chart based upon ounces of gold instead of US dollars.

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