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Last nights V episode

Did anyone watch "V" last night? If so, did you catch the part on the vaccines?

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it was all about healthcare

the V's told the humans that they could cure any disease, but had to prep them with a special vitamin. They mentioned that it would be a separate shot than the normal flu vaccine that they were all supposed to get. Behind the scenes they combined their vitamin with their flu shots, but they were blown up by the heros.

I am a fan of comic story lines and all, but this one is starting to look more like a playbook than pure fiction.

I'm not sure any more that there is such a thing

as science FICTION.

The aliens were going to

The aliens were going to kill everyone by putting poison in them. I wonder what the parallels are there? ;)

I watched the first one

just not into tv anymore. What happen about the vaccines?

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