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Police department as medical dispensary?

KING County Judge Mary Roberts recently ordered the Kent Police Department to become something of a medical dispensary.

A man was arrested at a Kent pharmacy for possession of 11 pounds of marijuana but, in court, produced a California medical-marijuana prescription. Though he was charged with felony drug possession, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession.

The judge ordered the department to dispense weekly portions of the seized marijuana to the defendant.

The admittedly surreal concept of our evidence technicians dispensing marijuana to a medical patient is another bizarre episode in an ongoing debate in our society.

Of course we will follow the judge's court order, because the rule of law is what police departments are all about. (LOL)

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Well, I just had to post the

Well, I just had to post the first comment on the actual article. It needed to be said.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(


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