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WHO advisers are on the payroll of leading pharmaceutical companies

Swine flu pandemic might turn into the greatest corruption fraud of nowadays. In any case, the commercial constituent is obvious. This conclusion was made by Danish journalists who studied relations between World Health Organization (WHO) experts and world leading pharmaceutical Companies.

As “Novie Izvestiya” reads that many WHO scientists conceal hey get money from pharmaceutical giant-companies. Meanwhile, according to J.P. Morgan International investment bank world pharmaceutical industry selling A/H1N1 vaccine this year gained more than €7m.

WHO called swine flu a pandemic under the pressure of a consultants' group headed by Dr. Albert Ostenhause, also known as “Doctor Flu” (named after “Tamiflu” medication) as he actively promoted mass vaccination in WHO and western mass media. According to WHO data, information the Netherlands’ Government holds an urgent inquiry of doctor’s activity as he gets salary in several pharmaceutical Companies producing swine flu vaccine. Other WHO consultants work for Roche, RW Johnson, SmithKline and Beecham Glaxo Wellcome, which were ordered A/H1N1 vaccine. As a result of their pressure WHO started unprecedented mass vaccination on July 7, 2009.

“People cough and sneeze yet pill factories work in four shifts amid the global financial crisis: vaccine orders overrun, facilities are not sufficient. Pandemic panic swiped off the EU defensive barriers for the first time. As an exception the vaccine was allowed for use without sufficient clinical and laboratory tests”, the source quotes. According to WHO 6.000 swine flu deaths were registered victims by now, yet half a million people die of standard flu annually.

The reason of exaggerated reaction of the world to swine flu is a successful PR campaign introduced by WHO experts; consider the specialists polled by Danish “Information”. (http://news.am/en/news/9368.html)


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bump for the obvious...

... big money corrupts "world" organizations too, not just the congress & media!

(thanks for the link btw)

As a matter of fact there's

As a matter of fact there's a greater incentive to bribe the "world" organizations... Greater bang for your buck.

Are we surprised?


Thanks for the link. I am always looking for legitimate articles on this stuff for my classes.


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