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Why EEO should end

Did any of you feminists ever consider that Equal Employment Opportunity hurt you ALOT more than it helped you? If your mommy considered it a victory, you should correct her, your aunts & grandmother, not to mention your Godmother. Sure, EEO forces an employer to hire you supposedly based upon your qualifications, or at least not to "discriminate" against you b/c of your gender, but hmmm, did it ever occur to you that it also FORCED an employer to split eligibility w/ you & a male that you would received equal consideration, whereas before the employer was free to hire ONLY female nurses, school teachers, florists, secretaries, receptionists, any other occupation you want to put a female face on, now you have to share your eligibility & he must equally consider males. Congratulations, EEO cut your job prospects in 1/2. Proud of yourself? Mom proud of herself, grandma, Godmother? Think about that the next time you're denied a job & you're female, homosexual, Baptist, whatever, that you could have had that job all to yourself & now equal consideration must be given to someone else whereas before, female owned businesses could hire only females, Jews only Jews, etc.. Now look what you've done, fix it!

Employers could have been notorious for hiring only females, etc., & you would know right where to look & now have to spend hours scouring through the want ads, internet, etc. to find a job. Not only have you cut your job prospects in 1/2, you have to spend much more time looking. I can't figure you females out sometimes.

Dissenting comments welcome.

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