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Digg! Martin Armstrong Needs Our Help

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Please go to www.scribd.com/kzuur58

And see the plea there. They want to silence him instead of using his genius. They are using this Thanksgiving busy week to transfer him back to the dirty prison where he was almost murdered. Many of you can get the message out much better than I can, please help. The most important thing is getting the message out. I know Michael loves him too.


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Good news re Martin Armstrong

A new paper will come out today at www.scribd.com/kzuur58
Kristy's new comment:
kzuur58 scribbled: I received Marty's "Last Paper," which, happily will not be his last! It will be up on here later, including the sad note he wrote on Thanksgiving. Now, it's a beginning instead! Bravo, once again to ALL that put just that little effort in. They add up BIG TIME!
about 1 hour ago

Some great comments from scribd

Thought I should post these comments from www.scribd.com/kzuur58
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jahess scribbled: OK, now let's get this man out of jail. FREE. This is an outrage. Let us NOT stop here, content to rest. This is a travesty. JHess about 2 hours ago

AL11O scribbled: I´m so glad for Mr. Armstrong. Great work! We achieved that these morons are aware we look out for Mr. Armstrong. We are interconnected against them. We turn the tables. Intimidation step by step! ... about 1 hour ago

ylangmei scribbled: Me and my friends here in U.S., Hong Kong and Greece are feeling relief and joy to hear this news. He deserve to be a Nobel Prize Winner and not a Fort Dix Prisoner. Let put our effort to FREE h... 35 minutes ago

lhealey01 scribbled: Excellent Kris! Having read (studied) Martin's excellent body of work, I'm jubilant that he's been reprieved. My concern is that once this wave of support dies down, prison officials will move Mart... 19 minutes ago

air1pgd scribbled: Great News! What a wonderfully coordinated effort. Yes! The power of the people does indeed work. 5 minutes ago

Good News - Cant Read ScribD However

Is there are post or summary of what the note says. I can not view ScribD. (I run at higher security settings) - Thanks

Hope this works for you

If you do not have access to his papers I have them all on file and would be happy to get them to you. Blessings

Martin Armstrong will NOT be moved today!!

You can go to http://www.scribd.com/kzuur58 to read the full announcement.

It starts: "WE WON! At 10:51 am, I received a phone call from Martin
Armstrong's Mother telling me that he had just called her
and told her they were not going to move him, and that so
many calls, FAXs and e-mails had been received, they "just
wanted to make it STOP!"



"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I see what you mean

I just came back to the site to read some of the links in the comments. It's all good though. Blessings

Martin Armstrong Will NOT Be Moved

You are terrific people. This is the latest from Kristy at scribd


It's funny. I refreshed this thread before posting my update and didn't see yours. We must have been writing at exactly the same time. I just think that is unusual when two things happen at the same time.

Have a nice day! Hopefully there will be some other positive developments in Martin Armstrong's case soon.

Beam me up Scotty


Irony - 911 KSM gets a Trial - Martin Armstrong Worse than Gitmo

I find it ironic that 9-11 dude Khalid Sheikh Mohammed gets a trial in front of a Judge and American Martin Armstrong gets no trail and no judge for years. Martin Armstrong actualy looks like he had it worse than the prisoners at Gitmo.

I have been reading Martin

I have been reading Martin Armstrong for about a year now. I understand why he has been labelled genius and crackpot. I'm definitely in the genius camp. He has changed his style of writing because he understands how large and diverse his audience has become and wants to be accessible to them. For those of you who don't know the story of Martin Armstrong, peruse the recent (October 2009) article in the New Yorker
and this interesting article from GATA (March 2007)
The case against Martin shows that the rule of law has been abandoned by the US Government. Martin himself has written about the history of the Roman Empire and how it went into serious decline after the rule of law was no longer respected and instead conspiracy crimes and snitches dominated the daily lives of citizens. Welcome to the future.

reedr3v's picture

That New Yorker article was very

interesting, thanks for posting it.

At the very least the government's action seems criminally vindictive. It is impossible for federal bureaucrats to discern the truth of Armstrong's case, and certainly impossible for most of us without full availability and transparency of the evidence concerning the Japanese investors.

But the state's handling of the case appears utterly fascistic. Another example of the unending waste and injustice purchased with taxpayer's funds, not to mention the Fed's scam currency .

Some call Martin Armstrong

Some call Martin Armstrong arrogant, which is understandable because people as gifted as he is often are viewed by the less gifted with a certain degree of jealousy and contempt. I do not get the arrogance vibe myself, but you can see how people in government would be incensed by his "arrogance" and throw him in jail indefinitely for "contempt". To me, this case is a clear sign that the petty bureaucrats and their hidden masters have no intention of stepping aside. I hope the implosion comes soon, for Martin's sake certainly but especially for the sake of the Republic. That's right, I still believe that we live in a Constitutional Republic that I have sworn an oath to defend.

Working Link

So this is the working link to the content.


It is also the one the digg points to.

I'm not familiar with scribd.com...

...and wasn't sure if things posted there were original or from other sources. I googled regarding Martin and saw the same 'Emergency' story at Gold Speculator, so I opted to use it in my digg.

Thanks Jiminy

That was perfect. It was the paper Kristy did from www.scribd.com/kzuur58

That was a good link to use

That was a good link to use for Digg. It includes email addresses for the people who are supposedly in charge of this mess. I sent an email to Ms. Zikefoose.


It's hard for me to figure out the background on this story. Who is this person, what is their history, why are they in trouble now?

Jim Sinclair introduced his 500,000 readers

to Martin Armstrong a few months ago. He has posted some of his articles, but all of them are posted on www.scribd.com/kzuur58
Jim knew him in the 70's & 80's and once said that he was a genius and no one could be honored to tie his shoe laces. Get to know him you will never regret it. The first paper I read was titled "It's Just Time", 77 pages and I had wished it was longer. Could not put it down. Blessings


bookmarked to read later.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Have you thought about putting this on Digg?


If I could I would

Please do it for Martin. Thank you Jiminy

Here is a digg link to put in your OP.


I made it using the 'Emergency' story in your scribd.com link above, but used a different source.

Lysa, sign up at digg.com so you can digg it and be able to submit stories.


Psalm 109:8

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for him.

And pray that you never end up on the wrong side of this government.

He's the man.

at some point we will..

at some point we will.. better be ready for it.

A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 22:3
Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to
send peace on earth: I came not to send peace,
but a sword.

A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 22:3
Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to
send peace on earth: I came not to send peace,
but a sword.

Something from Kris at kzuur/57

kzuur58 scribbled: PLEASE BOMB THE INTERNET with this injustice and make calls, send e-mails etc. They plan to move him Monday morning with his RIGHTS VIOLATED!

Hope someone cares

Check it out please, soon.