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Ron Paul Outpolls New iMac (and ALL others) on Technorati

Ron Paul is number 1 on August 7th:

Tuesday night’s Technorati’s ranking finished up with congressman Ron Paul heading the searches, shortly followed by Puerto Rican singer Noelia, who finally climbs over Johanna Cardona, last week’s tag phenomenom, left by in 4th, and 5th places.

Here, the top ten ranking:

1. Ron Paul; 2. Noelia; 3. Youtube; 4. Johana Cardona; 5. Johanna Cardona; 6. iphone; 7. Galilea Montijo; 8. Paris Hilton; 9. imac; 10. authority

For current status see www.technorati.com and click on the "popular" link.

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Hey, you forgot to mention that Huckabee is popping up in the popular search field. I find it rather vexing that people even bother looking into Huckabee. I can only hope that once they find out more about him then they'll lose interest. Still, it's something to keep our eyes on. The media must be promoting him.