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We Are Ron Paul - Help Place this Ad in the Ames Tribune

UPDATE: Enough money has been pledged for a full-page advertisement! If you've made a pledge to donate then please send your payment to PayPal: ronpaul4america@yahoo.com. If you haven't pledged you are still more than welcome to contribute to the cause!

Visit the Ron Paul Forums thread for more information.

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The Ames Ad

Here is the Ames Ad that was submitted to the Ames Gazette to be run on Saturday.


Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Eric Burke

Ames Ad...AMAZING!!

Class Act. We should all be proud. Would love to see Dr. Paul's face when he sees it. Unbelievable.

Thank you


Thank You All & Justin TV

....last night I watched and read the live discussion as the Ad crew worked. It was amazing. I tried to get on, but failed...(can't keep track of all my passwords ) ...and it is just as well as there was a lot of work going on and they were handling it great and didn't need my help! I enjoyed watching the process and was cheering it on from the sidelines. Justin.TV is super...thanks, Justin and everyone else.

It also occurs to me that the crew who worked on this has a great deal to offer as far as working "live" as a team and ending up with a great final product. Many people came online and all were welcome. Some got a bit in the way and others had much to offer which was accepted graciously. Those not offering anything were treated politely. It was the total focus of those developing the print ad that was first class.

Thank you to all of you who burned the midnight oil on our behalf. Can't wait to see the final outcome. And, just a reminder: We wanted grassroot creativity out there in the "other" world and via this ad ... it is. Let's all remember that you can't please everyone all the time. Hope there will only be the praise these folks deserve for all their work and dedication. I, for one, am humbled and grateful!


My Take On This Ad

I tried posting at the Ron Paul Forums, but I got an error message that my registration was pending moderator approval.

So I'm posting this here... I really, really like this ad campaign. It shows the awesome creative energy of Ron Paul's volunteer base. For what its worth, here is my take on this great ad concept:

Small Version
Large Version 508 KB.

I have the original in a Photoshop, layered file.

Preview of The Face and The Ad

The face that will be used for the ad is:
consisting of 1579 unique pictures.

The finer details of the ad are being worked out now, I think you will all like it.
This is just a mock up of the ad, it does not have the latest face pic inserted and some of the finer bullet points may still change. This mock up will go to a pro who will make it look much better before Saturday.
Again, this is not the final edit, but it's close.

Many thanks to Lord Xar for working so hard on this and everyone else at RonPaulForums.com who made this happen.

Best Regards,
Eric Burke

Awesome Creativity!

Great Job--too bad I didn't get my mug on there too.
We need to get someone creative people on those tv adds to get down to the nuts and the bolts like some of the youtube vids---I did it I registered Republican and I'm telling all who will listen about Ron.
It still amazes me that hardly anyone has ever Heard of him,But I Just found out about him a few months ago and have been studying his Positions and his Message of Freedom and Return to Constitutional Principles and I am Impressed.
I have never been Impressed by any Politician ever--Ron has inspired Me to Take a Stand for Our Country and Our Constitution.
This Election Really is Pivotal for The Future of Our Nation and Dr.Paul is What we need to Get Our Country Going in the Right Direction before it is Utter Chaos.
I have hope now That we Can Work together To Bring This Message of Liberty, Freedom,Peace and Prosperity,Sovereignty and Free Trade Sensible Foreign Policy and Hope,Hope,Hope
Thank You Ron Paul For Your Efforts I Appreciate and will Reciprocate with service to The Cause.

Opresso De Liber
Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Conscious of Our Creator and Source of our Liberties.

My picture is in there. ^_^

My picture is in there. ^_^

Last Chance to get your pic in the ad - 9PM EST Deadline

You might have heard about the newspaper ad that is going into the Saturday paper in Iowa. It is created from a mosaic image of Ron Paul supporters.
See here for details:
We want to have many more faces in the picture, currently there are 1515 individual pics in the latest version which can be seen here:
To have your picture included upload your photo at this site:
Please follow the image guidelines at the site, no cartoons, nothing obscene, no pictures of signs, just faces.

At 9pm EST tonight the final mosaic will be created due to ad copy deadlines. If you want to be included in the final pic, you must submit your picture by 9pm EST today (8/8).

Thanks for your support, and please send this to anyone who might be interested.

Best Regards,
Eric Burke

I've submitted my picture twice

It was up briefly, then disappeared. I submitted it again - no result. (Ron Paul rally)

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

We are Ron Paul

How about
We Are Ron Paul
Champions of the Constitution

I would like to have something of what Ron Paul stands for in the ad, such as 'Champions of the Constitution." If a voter knows nothing or almost nothing about Ron Paul, how would this ad let him know what Ron Paul stands for, compared to a Huckabee or a Romney? The reason we are excited about Ron Paul and can get 1000+ supporters in a mosaic is because of his message. I'd like your average voter who sees the ad to at least get something of this message.

Leslie Webb

Leslie Webb


We the People Are For Ron Paul... Because He Is For U.S.

"......support Ron Paul and constitutional rights...."


still short...

Looks like we're still a bit short. Maybe not everyone who pledged has anted up? Anyway, please keep the donations coming.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I donated $50, though I didn't pledge

If they're still short - please - can some others step up to the plate and send along a little. It only takes a little from a lot of us :)

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

The Iowa Straw Poll Race

Cute mockup of Ron Paul outdistancing his competition on Rense Com.

Says It All!...a few questions

And, in fact the concept is so good that I can see it being used in many ways.

Questions: Are we up on campaign laws regarding political ads paid for by supporters? Does there need to be a tag saying"paid for by supporters of Ron Paul" to distance it from the official campaign? What is the definition of a PAC...are we one? Do we need to be sure that donors were not up to their allowed max? Do we need a go-ahead from the campaign office? Reason: I've seen a few articles questioning the legality of some candidate ads. Just thinking we need to dot all i's and cross all t's.

I sure hope all of my questions are not issues, because this ad really does say it all. 1,000 points (faces) for freedom!


It's a Go! Please send in your pledged donations.

A new thread has been created to list completed donations:

It is very exciting and impressive to me to see this go from a "What if?" posting on the forums, to "Let's see if we can make it happen", to "It's a GO!" all within roughly 15 hours.



A sincere thank you to the designer and all who pledged.

wolfe's picture

I jumped the gun...

...and sent $100. It will only take a handful of us doing that to get a full page ad, so let's do it.

Btw, we should start referring to Ron Paul as Congressman Ron Paul instead of Dr. Paul or simply Ron Paul. From the reactions during our efforts in the CallIowa program, we have discovered that far more interest is generated by saying "congressman" up front. People immediately pay more attention to him as a credible candidate.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -


Can anyone tell me where were at in donations... I will pledge to get to 2500 for the full page add... so if were at 1500.00 i will pay the 1000.00.
but i will not go threw paypal... paypal is anti gun and i will not support a company who does not support the 2nd amendment....


what program did you use to create this picture?

9/11 Lessons From Star Trek-


'9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous' - Al Qaeda
B.R.O * M.I.K.E.

I used EZ Mosaic

I used EZ Mosaic (ezmosaic.com)


Good work!

The ad you've designed is excellent!

Thanks again!

Image Source

The image used in the ad can be found at http://RonPaulMosaic.com
You are welcome to use any of the images on the site for any Ron Paul related promotion.


Yes, fantastic!

Yes, yes, fantastic ad!

But it's not going to happen without pledges of money!

More Than Great...Fantastic Ad!

Wonderful grassroots effort! Works for me! Very creative, and I love the image of Ron Paul that you selected.

And, if I didn't know much about Ron Paul, this would stimulate me to find out more by searching the Internet or asking people, "Who's Ron Paul?

Great Ad!

Great Ad Idea!

I'm glad to see more coordination between the Daily Paul and the Ron Paul Forums. Excellent.